Sona interactive play and dance arch at Rouwers

Lappset Interactive playground equipment

At Lappset, we're revolutionizing play for everyone! Our mission is to improve the world's well-being by creating inspiring playces that stretch the imagination, foster learning, respect the environment and encourage activity for all humankind. We strive for inspiring and thrilling play opportunities by creating state-of-the-art playground equipment that merges gaming with outdoor activities. Our high-quality interactive playsets lead the way: From Sona – an innovative dance and playing arch - to Toro, a dynamic sports arena; from our Red Dot Award-winning Fono DJ booth to Memo's playful pillars – every piece of equipment offers unique experiences perfect for any target group!

The five design principles for our interactive playground equipment

Crafting the perfect interactive playset is not an easy feat. So, we asked ourselves a lot of questions while creating our revolutionary products: What brings us joy? How can we make sure our products stand out from the rest? After a lot of contemplation, we decided on five key principles when it comes to designing our playground devices. These principles make sure that each and every one of our playsets delivers an unparalleled experience.

Children playing in the snow under the Sona

Children playing in the snow under the Sona

Designed for outdoor use

All of our interactive playground equipment have been developed with one goal in mind - to provide peace of mind for our customers. We understand that as playground equipment suppliers, we are often asked questions about the durability of our products against defacement, the maintenance required and whether they can be used in saltwater environments. We assure you that all these questions have been considered when developing our products.

Our interactive playsets are designed to be vandal-proof, require minimal day-to-day maintenance and even come with the option for marine-grade material. We take pride in offering a reliable and resilient product no matter what environment it is placed in.

When choosing playground equipment, safety should always be the number one priority. That's why at Lappset Interactive, we only offer high-quality interactive playsets that are guaranteed to last while ensuring the utmost safety for children and adults alike.

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We have over 1000 interactive playsets worldwide

My Yalp

Unlocking the potential of interactive play! Our My Yalp online tool provides you with full control over your playground equipment. Our creative and dedicated design team is also constantly crafting new games to keep things fresh - ensuring that anyone can enjoy this incredible experience!

  • Set on and off times
  • Adjusting the volume
  • Select games
  • Show statistics
  • Set languages
  • Assign multiple users

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Owners can use My Yalp to access their interactive playsets

Owners can use My Yalp to access their interactive playsets

Grandparents using Yalp+ to start a new game on the Sona


Yalp+ is a free (web)app available for the Lappset Interactive playground equipment where users can enjoy more play possibilities. Are you looking for an interactive product nearby? Do you want to learn how to play a game? Or are you looking to compete with your friends or join a fun activity? Yalp+ offers many new experiences for your interactive playground equipment!

  • Free
  • Suitable for the Sona, Memo, Sutu, Toro & Fono
  • Explore and find all of the Yalp Interactive products​
  • Learn how to start a game ​
  • Compete by putting a score to your name ​
  • Celebrate and join fun activities​
  • Socialize by creating an account and saving your progress

Double the fun with the Carefree upgrade!

We believe in delivering quality products. Our products are made from the finest materials, but we also want to provide high-class service. We additionally want to be able to provide customers with new games as quickly and efficiently as possible. We do this by delivering products that can be connected to the internet so that we can be there for you 24/7. All of the Lappset Interactive playground equipment comes with a Standard Service Pack. But the Carefree Pack truly provides a worry-free experience.

Standard Pack – Always Included 

  • 2-year warranty – 2-year warranty on the electronic parts*
  • Access to all games – Install any free game from our huge game library
  • Internet Access – Internet connection by Truphone with global coverage
  • My Yalp – Lifelong My Yalp access; remotely control your product and more
  • Ticket Support – Create a ticket online when you have a question
  • Updates – Lifelong firmware & software updates
  • Yalp Service – Expert advice and support during the first year to help you make the product a success

Carefree Pack 

  • Extra 3-year warranty – Extended to 5 years on the electronic parts*
  • Auto-Tickets – Pro-active ticket support. We will monitor the product for you
  • Personal Service – Personal training, advice, and support from our play specialists and service team

*Non-electronic parts are described in the warranty document; request this document for more information. The Yalp general terms & conditions apply to all Yalp products.

Lappset offers innovative solutions for playgrounds and sports areas

At Lappset, we pride ourselves on crafting innovative solutions that cater to a diverse range of target areas. Whether enhancing public spaces or designing schoolyards, our focus is on creating unique and highly functional playgrounds and environments for all to enjoy. In the realm of leisure and play, our bespoke playgrounds and recreational areas elevate the fun factor for businesses while ensuring safety and accessibility for all users.

Lappset Interactive Playground Equipment