Lappset Toro Interactive sports arena

With the Lappset Toro Interactive sports arena, players and athletes are in for a treat! This colourful interactive sports arena offers an intense game that keeps everyone on their toes. The compact space creates plenty of contact with the ball, and sloping corners plus four goals per side keep each player engaged from start to finish. We designed it specifically to challenge athletes while still having fun - because who says training can’t be enjoyable too?

Intensive training can also be incredibly fun!

The Netherlands has long been associated with world-class sporting prowess, particularly in field hockey and soccer. Our Research and Development team worked with renowned Olympic gold-winning field hockey coach Marc Lammers to create the groundbreaking Toro training system. This unique approach is sure to revolutionize the way athletes train their skills.

Toro's interactive goals provide dynamic challenges and entertainment during training sessions, encouraging athletes and players to push themselves further while having fun. We believe this will help them reach their highest potential both on and off the field.

It is scientifically proven that the Toro games are even more intensive than regular sports such as basketball and field hockey. All test results are available and can be viewed on request.

Players and athletes learn to adapt quickly to new circumstances – and have a lot of fun with different games. The Toro is great in;

  • Single or multiplayer mode
  • Including everyone to play
  • Competing against time
  • Precision, tactics, fitness, reaction, and creativity

Children playing field hockey on the Toro

Children playing field hockey on the Toro

Bringing People Together Through Fun and Fitness

The Toro brings people out into the fresh air and, at the same time, motivates them to exercise healthily and have fun. It’s accessible to all players, and its intuitive operation is easy to understand. The games have different levels and degrees of difficulty.

The Toro offers a range of features

  • Team play
  • Skill booster
  • High intense gameplay
  • Multi-sports arena

A playset that creates interaction

The Toro allows for an engaging gaming experience. Its vibrant multipurpose playground, its compact size, and sloping corners create an environment where individuals of all ages can have plenty of contact with the ball and remain actively involved in the game. With four interactive goals along the sides of the sports arena, players are encouraged to run freely, think tactically and always stay in motion. This dynamic playset stimulates creative play and encourages interaction between players as they devise strategies to score or prevent their opponents from doing so.

Children playing football on the Toro

Children playing football on the Toro

Children playing on the Toro
Adults playing on the Toro
Children playing on the Toro
Father and son playing on the Toro
Toro playsets have been installed worldwide in many different locations
Owners can use the My Yalp platform to install games on the Toro

Multiple games are available and divided into different categories ​

Open-ended Together, you decide how to play. Add your own rules, set your own goals, and decide your own outcomes.

Fitness Move, exercise, and improve your motor skills, stamina, and physical condition.

Reaction Practice your reflexes. Focus, multi-task and increase your physical & mental reaction speed and time. ​

Tactics Enhance your mental skills. Apply and test strategies, push boundaries, and/or break rules.

Teamplay Play together in larger groups, compete, win/lose or test your teamwork and communication skills.

Designed for outdoor use

  • Toro is made of self-compacting concrete with a high-quality finish.
  • The front covers are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, which absorbs the force of hard shots.
  • The rest of the Toro pitch is made of powder-coated galvanised steel.
  • The electronics have been certified according to international requirements: CB Scheme

Description of the picture

  1. Choose a game at the main goal (push and play!)
  2. Fencing system (adjustable)
  3. Barrier-free entrance (optional)
  4. LED panels
  5. Strong concrete base around the goals
  6. Rounded corners to keep the ball in play for a more active game

A description of the Toro

A description of the Toro

School children playing on the Toro during their break
School children playing on the Toro during their break
Children playing on the Toro
Bird's eye view of the Toro
Toro playsets have been installed worldwide in many different locations

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