2021 Memo testing at Dekra. The Netherlands

International testing and certification

We have designed the Lappset Interactive playsets to last for years in the outdoor public space. As of 2021, we have delivered over 1000 interactive playground equipment worldwide. Children play on our play devices in Scandinavia, where temperatures can drop below -30°C (-22°F), to Asia, where temperatures and humidity are high.

Published: 7 December 2020, edited: 17 May 2024
The Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars are tested at Dekra. The Netherlands

The Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars are tested at Dekra. The Netherlands

To assure worldwide quality, we develop our products according to independent international certification standards on electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and playground safety. Our products have IECEE CB Scheme certificates, alongside others.

We submit all of our interactive playsets to Dekra, the notified organization for international testing in the Netherlands. We test all Lappset Interactive playground equipment for ingress protection against water and dust, resulting in an IP54 rating. These tests also include a nice shower, as shown in the picture.

We’ve also tested our designs ourselves. For example, the Fono DJ table underwent various vandalism and quality tests. These tests included chewing gum, spraying Coca-Cola, and red bull, covering it with sand, dirt, and snow, having it outdoors several nights on the polar circle at -20°C with water on top of it, and using fireworks and hammers to try and break it. We kept on improving the design to pass all tests finally.

Vandalism and weather

Next to all international standards, we firmly believe we should test our equipment ourselves and choose high-quality materials, where we get inspiration from the maritime, military, and other high-end solutions. We do this to reduce the chance of damage due to harsh weather conditions or vandalism and other unintended use.

For instance, the Lappset Sutu Interactive ball wall's transparent panels are made of 15mm thick polycarbonate. The same material the police force uses in their safety shields. We tested the durability of the panels and found them to be able to withstand a 50kg weight dropped a thousand times on their centre without any damage, per the EN 15312 sports surrounds directive.

The metal parts are hot-dip galvanized and powder-coated stainless steel, providing the ultimate protection against extreme weather conditions and vandalism thanks to reliable and well-known industry processes.

The product electronics underwent a temperature test called the HALT test (Highly Accelerated Life Test, also used in the automotive industry) and have proven to withstand temperature differences of -35°C until +85°C. (-31°F, +185°F). The products are fully functional in operating temperatures of -20°C to +40°C. (-4°F and 104°F). As of 2020, we have delivered over 870 interactive playground equipment worldwide, of which more than 140 are in Scandinavian countries where temperatures can drop easily below -20°C (-4°F)

Play statistics Pikku Kakkosen Puisto

Sona snow fun in Tampere Finland

The Lappset Sona Interactive dance and play arch in Tampere, Finland, proves that the climate does not influence the product's operation. The Sona is in Pikku Kakkosen Puisto, the most popular public playground in Tampere, the third biggest city in Finland. During the coldest season, in December, January, February, and March, temperatures can drop below -10 ℃ (-50 ℉), and there is a lot of snowfall. Although this does not affect the product's operation, the added snow will take your fun to the next level! As the online play statistics show, the Sona in Tampere is played throughout the year. During the warmer periods of the year, over 40 hours a week and a little less during winter, but still 3 hours on average a day.

Playing in the snow under the Sona

Playing in the snow under the Sona

Sona at Bergvretenskolan in Enkoping Sweden

Bergvretenskolan is a school in Enkopig that offers inspiration, dedication, and a challenging and exciting learning environment. The Sona adds to this, providing an outdoor interactive, playful learning facility and a prominent place in the schoolyard. Sweden is known for its cold winters. In the coldest months, temperatures can drop below -5 ℃ (-50 ℉). But that does not spoil the fun. Statistics show that even in January, the coldest month, people use the Sona for more than 10 hours a week, 2 hours each school day.

Children playing under the Sona in the snow
A boy playing on the Sutu.
The Fono is installed on the boardwalk in Sweden
Girl playing on the Memo in the snow
The interactives have been tested in various weather conditions

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