Outdoor sports promote physical activity

Worldwide we can see more and more outdoor sports areas made available to the public. What is the reason behind this trend? The use of sports facilities is often far from optimal.

Athletes often use the outdoor sports areas in the evenings, but outside these hours, the sports fields and outdoor gyms remain unused. A win-win situation is created by making the sports areas available for all and also making the best use of the sports facilities in ‘off-peak’ hours.

Activating everyone is crucial

Many users, like a nearby care centre or a school, can use the sports area for outdoor activities. These can be, for example, outdoor bingo for senior citizens or instructed workouts for people with a low socio-economic status. Local councils can increase usage and encourage physical activity among more individuals by placing outdoor sports equipment in close proximity.

At Lappset, we strongly believe in the ideal image of creating outdoor spaces that are designed to encourage outdoor exercise. Sports fields, outdoor gyms, and playgrounds all provide people with the opportunity to be active outside. Constructing outdoor facilities that promote physical activity requires careful planning and consideration. Providing seamless routes between sports fields, outdoor gym equipment, and playgrounds can create an inviting atmosphere that motivates individuals to utilise the space. Benches should be placed along these routes where individuals can rest, socialise, or just cool down.

The addition of sports opportunities facilitates physical development and stimulates improving both cognitive and social skills. It is important to reach those who do not usually go to the sports parks. To achieve the goal of engaging all residents and stakeholders in physical activity, regardless of age or ability, it is important to promote fitness opportunities everywhere. This includes providing locations for group meetings, training sessions, and recreational activities.

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Exercise to lift spirits

A sports space can be set up to serve and lift the spirits of people of all ages and can combine various sports elements. Among the possibilities are callisthenics, parkour, crossfit, adult obstacle courses, or outdoor gyms with weight training. These sports elements are easily accessible, even without guidance. That makes them an excellent addition to existing sports facilities to increase the possibilities to move. For instance, such elements greatly enhance existing sports fields or running tracks. These options can also work on their own as outdoor sports parks. If you want to ensure an inclusive sports space accessible for all, choose the right equipment and surfacing so that it is easy to access for users with impairments or who use mobility aids. 

You can emphasise the sports spaces entirely by adding an interactive device such as a Sutu or Fono. This way, you get widely supported sports spots for everyone, also young people. 

Outdoor gym at the University of Tampere, Finland

Outdoor gym at the University of Tampere, Finland

Children playing football in the Toro Interactive sports arena

Children playing football in the Toro Interactive sports arena

Multifunctional sports fields

How do you organise the scarce outdoor space optimally allowing numerous people to enjoy sport?

Lappset’s sports arenas have been developed in line with current trends. Scarce outdoor space, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, meeting in public places, and playing together can all be considered in the design of multifunctional sports arenas. When adding nets, baskets or goals (also interactive goals) to arenas, sports other than football are also possible on the field, such as handball, hockey, tennis, or volleyball. This efficient utilisation of outdoor space ensures everyone gets ample outdoor playtime and a chance to participate in outdoor sports.

Senior Sport for the senior citizen

Older generations must also stay active, engaged and social. Encouraging movement, play, and recreational activities can enhance their overall wellbeing. A sports park is an excellent place for this. Inclusive Senior Sports equipment can be placed at a sports park for the elderly, complementing other workout spots. It can also work as a park located near a care centre or retirement home.

Training spots provide an excellent way for the elderly to stay emotionally and physically active. These places must be easy and accessible so that more people will take part. This could include ensuring public transportation options, good road conditions, or even cycling routes that can also be used by pedestrians. Having different routes in and out of the training spot is not only convenient but encourages seniors to be active. Surfacing also needs to be accessible.

Senior Sport outdoor equipment is also excellent for rehabilitation, mobility training, and body care after an intensive workout!

Senior Sport therapy sports area in Vught, The Netherlands

Senior Sport therapy sports area in Vught, The Netherlands

Multi-functional Play and Sports area in NIikkilän sydän, Finland

Remember to choose the right surfacing for all sports facilities

According to the EN safety standards, playground and outdoor sports equipment must be assembled on a surface, the critical fall height of which corresponds to the fall height of the equipment. In addition, to shock absorption, different countries may have different regulations regarding the safe space required around the equipment.

The surfacing of the area also has a high impact on usability. Choose the right and optimal surfacing option according to the needs of the area and its users.

Playgrounds add value

A playground is not only a fun place for children to play, but it also offers a great opportunity for them to exercise and develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. This is especially beneficial when parents are working out since children can still engage in physical activity while having fun. By combining exercise with playtime, children can reap the benefits of both worlds and grow in various areas of development.

Adding playground elements to an outdoor gym is a fantastic way to cater to individuals who want to bring their children along. This allows parents and kids to enjoy fun, healthy, and quality time together!

A public park in Ylöjärvi, Finland, offers both children and grown-ups possibilities for exercise

A public park in Ylöjärvi, Finland, offers both children and grown-ups possibilities for exercise

Park furniture completes Cubic playground in Marketanpuisto park, Vantaa, Finland

Park furniture completes Cubic playground in Marketanpuisto park, Vantaa, Finland

Remember to finalise the facilities

When people gather to socialise, play or exercise, it is important to support their healthy lifestyle by offering opportunities to arrive while jogging, cycling, riding a kick scooter, or anything other than a car. For this, public spaces need adequate facilities for securing bicycles, disposing of snack wrappers in a litter bin, and placing your jacket on the bench, or a table for your water bottle. Minimum requirements for a public park: 

  • Two benches (one in the sunshine, one in the shade)
  • One litter bin to discourage littering
  • One bicycle stand accommodating at least four bicycles

A good set of benches in a public park can also serve as a pathway for elderly residents in residential areas. This connection between exercise areas and daily activities is important. In addition to promoting physical activity, social gathering places can also encourage the use of sustainable transportation, such as walking, cycling, or skating to and from these areas

Fitness park in Kartanonkoski Finland

Outdoor Gym Checklist

Are you planning to install an outdoor gym in your community or facility?

At Lappset Group, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy and active living. That's why we've created this free Outdoor Gym Checklist to help make outdoor fitness accessible to all. Download the checklist now and start planning your own outdoor gym!

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