Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars

With the Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars, playground fun has been taken to the next level! This amazing interactive playset offers players an exciting gaming experience that is both stimulating and educational.

A pedagogically valuable, multi-purpose playset for children

The Memo brings the playground to life! This cutting-edge equipment challenges children and young people through its various educational games, giving them a chance to learn while having fun. With seven pillars equipped with 360° LED touch screens, the Memo offers a modern and minimalistic arcade-like indoor and outdoor experience. Children can explore the interactive visuals for hours of entertainment with no shortage of possibilities.

Interactive gaming is an exciting way to engage and challenge players of all ages! From math conundrums to spelling challenges, there's never a dull moment. Memo games provide the perfect opportunity for minds to let their creativity run wild while also working together as teammates. It’s the ultimate combination – learning and having fun at the same time!

A girl is playing math on the Memo

A girl is playing math on the Memo

Lappset Outdoor Classroom

Have you ever thought of turning your playground into a classroom? For the past two decades, Lappset Educational Playsets have been giving children around the world a fun and educational playground experience.

Our Lappset Outdoor Classroom Concept now makes it easier than ever for teachers to use their playgrounds as part of their curriculum. This concept includes our Didactic Guide, which provides an interactive approach to learning in all weather conditions. With Lappset Memo, children can access educational games that develop problem-solving skills through play.

Bring the fun and learning back outdoors with our Lappset Educational Playsets, and let your students explore a world of possibilities!

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A playset that creates interaction

Get ready to discover a whole new world of gaming with The Memo! This revolutionary piece of equipment features seven pillars, each equipped with 360° LED touch screens and minimalistic arcade-like visuals. 

You can explore for hours and find yourself immersed in a playground filled with games - from tag to binary counting - that satisfy every type of player and are sure to provide an unforgettable, interactive experience. Not only will it keep you entertained, but these games will also help promote social skills like teamwork and physical movements while supporting healthier habits - perfect for people of all ages! Dive into the adventure with The Memo now, and let the fun begin!

Children playing tag on the Memo

Children playing tag on the Memo

Children playing in the schoolyard using the Memo
Children playing tag on the Memo
Children playing on the Memo
Children playing on the Memo
Memo Interactives have been installed worldwide in many different locations
Owners can use the My Yalp platform to install games on the Memo

Multiple games are available and divided into different categories ​

Brains Practice with colours, numbers, shapes & audio. Train your memory, solve problems and stimulate your mind.

Open-Ended Together, you decide how to play. Add your own rules, set your own goals, and decide your own outcomes.

Fitness Move, exercise, and improve your motor skills, stamina and physical condition

Language Improves your writing, spelling, grammar, and reading of letters, words, and sentences.

Maths Improve your math skills, including numbers, formulas, shapes, units, arithmetic, quantities, and algebra.

Teamplay Play together in larger groups, compete, win/lose or test your teamwork and communication skills.

Developed for the outdoor area

  • The Memo has a high-quality stainless steel construction.
  • The covers of the pillars have a particularly thick exterior so that they are protected, for example, against sharp objects.
  • The screens are made of polycarbonate, making them incredibly impact resistant.
  • The covers are waterproof and have an internal climate control system allowing the units to be cooled or heated.
  • There is an intelligent lock in the main post as additional security against vandalism.

Description of the picture

1. Choose a game on the main column (push and play!)

2. Steel construction

3. Game column (6x)

4. 360-degree touchscreen

5. Game floor (customizable)

A Description of the Memo

A Description of the Memo

Children playing on the Memo at a museum
Children playing on the Memo in a neighborhood.
Children playing on a Memo at school
Parents playing with their children on the Memo in a park
Memo Interactives have been installed worldwide in many different locations
This is what our customers and players have to say about the Memo
  • Terry Hagen | Rock Hill Park, Recreation & Tourism

    One of the things that we see that is very interesting is that we see elderly patients playing on the equipment, and it's good for dementia patients; they're learning to code and memorizing things that they haven't been able to memorize before.

    - Terry Hagen | Rock Hill Park, Recreation & Tourism

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