A family is playing under the Sona

Lappset Sona Interactive dance and play arch

The Lappset Sona Interactive dance and play arch brings an exciting, inclusive, and positive gaming experience to a broad audience. Designed for inclusivity, it makes playing together accessible to everyone, promoting inclusive play. Sona’s intuitive design responds when you move underneath it. The press of a button unleashes a wide variety of games, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The Sona provides hours of fun for all ages, and its robust steel frame makes it durable for outdoor use, ensuring years of entertainment. It’s versatile and suitable for various settings like communities, public parks, and elderly care homes, catering to diverse users. The Sona enables interactive play for ten or more players of all ages. Through the online platform, owners can download different games, from cognitive challenges to fitness activities, offering a range of inclusive play experiences.

Thrilling technology for smart playgrounds

The Sona utilizes technology to create unique interactive experiences, engaging more than just physical abilities. Whether players want to practice their dance moves or challenge themselves with math quizzes, play is more dynamic with our innovative design. This thrilling addition can be utilized indoors or outdoors, allowing players to explore their creativity in various contexts.

For anyone looking for an entertaining way to bridge the gap between outdoor play and technology, the Sona presents an accessible solution that combines physical activity and cognitive stimulation within one exceptional product.

Children playing together and interacting with the Sona

Children playing together and interacting with the Sona

A playset that creates interaction

The sensor in the arch and the Funky Floor are the starting point for explaining the Sona since they are essential to the game! Imagine you are walking in a park, and you spot a large arch. Your curiosity is piqued immediately, and you take a closer look. Suddenly, the Sona will come to life with a whistle or by asking if you want to play a game. This marks the beginning of your interactive journey with the Sona!

The beautiful arch is a true standout, and its vibrant and colourful Funky Floor offers an eye-catching complement. The motion sensing technology integrated into the top of the arch can register any movements made on the Funky Floor.

That means: If you stand on the number one, the sensor registers it. So in case you’re wondering how a playset can whistle at you, it’s the motion sensor that’s well stored in the arch and not a pressure sensor or something similar within the Funky Floor.

Inclusive smart playground equipment

We came up with five core principles that we feel are most important when designing new playground devices. The Sona has been designed to be fully inclusive through flexibility. Not every game will fulfil every user’s needs, but we offer many games with different experiences for different player preferences and playstyles. With the flexibility of changing and tweaking games through our My Yalp platform, the games, and content can be adjusted to match the users using the product at that time and is a big facilitator for play.

  • Barrier-free
  • For all ages
  • Intuitive game
  • Always right in the middle and fully involved

Read more about the Sona and Inclusive Play

Two clients from Ipse de Bruggen in the Netherlands playing together under the Sona

Two clients from Ipse de Bruggen in the Netherlands playing together under the Sona

The Sona is accessible to all players and all ages.
The Sona is accessible to all players and all ages
Children play under the Sona while the grandparents choose a new game for them to play on the Yalp+ app
Grandparents using the Yalp+ to start a game on the Sona
A family playing under the Sona Interactive dance and play arch
Owners can use the My Yalp platform to install games on the Sona

Multiple games are available and divided into five different categories ​

Brains Practice with colours, numbers, shapes & audio. Train your memory, solve problems, and stimulate your mind.

Fitness Move, exercise, and improve your motor skills, stamina, and physical condition.

Imagination Be creative, involve your imagination, and role-play. Unstructured play, with no rules, goals, or results.

Music Enjoy & dance to music. Learn rhythm, dance together, and experience new music styles​.

Reaction Practice your reflexes. Focus, multi-task, and increase your physical & mental reaction speed and time. ​

Developed for the outdoor area

  • The body consists of glass fibre-reinforced polyester with additional reinforcements against, e.g., hammer blows
  • The inside of the Sona is made of stainless steel
  • The metal is protected with a powder coating. This makes it resistant to weather influences
  • It is not possible to climb into the Sona, and it is free of loose parts and barriers

Description of the picture

  1. Movement: Detection Detects the movement of any player. Tall or small, standing or sitting
  2. Bright Colors: The arch and floor include fun sensor elements.
  3. Ear-Level Speakers: The audio is directly aimed at the players. 2x Outdoor class JBL stereo speakers
  4. Accessible button: Button at the player’s height.
  5. Flat Surface: Easy access to all. One continuous surface for mobility. No need for ramps.
  6. Shape & track:  Easy recognizable shape and form. Children recognize how it should be utilized. A circuit-style structure encourages children to navigate the playground and maintain continuous activity.
  7. Circular Setup:  Creates a safe and recognizable play space. It promotes social engagement.

Ideal Locations

Many of our Sona's are placed in areas known for vandalism. And yet, people have a lot of fun in this environment every day. We are particularly proud of that!

  • Public spaces
  • Schoolyards
  • Campsites
  • Indoor halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Retirement homes

Customize your playground

A themed playground brings stories to life, providing a space for children to nurture their imagination and creativity. Our dedicated and expert design team will work closely with you to unlock the full potential of your vision. Together, we will create a playground that is not just a source of joy and inspiration but also a place that educates and sparks imagination. Join us in creating enchanting playces that captivate and inspire both children and adults alike.

AR: Visualize Your Playground!  

Stop imagining and start experiencing! Our interactive AR app lets you see how our products will fit into any environment. This feature provides an interactive experience where you can use your phone to place 3D computer-generated renderings of our interactive devices in the real world!

Children playing under the Sona in a public space
A family playing under the Sona at a camping site
Children playing under the Sona at an amusement park
A custom-designed Sona in a public space
Sona Interactives have been installed worldwide in many different locations
This is what our customers have to say about the Sona
  • Virgil Yoakum, general manager of Woodforest

    This is very cutting edge! Children can play numerous games, and smart technology can determine who wins. It’s all designed to keep kids moving and having fun.

    - Virgil Yoakum, general manager of Woodforest

  • Marije Boone, Supervisor at Ipse de Bruggen, with a resident using the balanced path

    The clients are involved and motivated in multiple ways to maintain the mobile piece of themselves. We challenge them to reach a little further with the arm or take that extra step.

    - Marije Boone, Supervisor at Ipse de Bruggen

  • It's really fun for little kids! And grown-ups can also join in."

    - Visitors of the Lappset Interactive Roadshow

Lappset Interactive Playground Equipment