Teenagers making music and dancing in front of the Fono

Lappset Fono Interactive DJ booth

With the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ booth, you can create a destination for people to connect and move to the beat! It’s an innovative solution that creates cool, fun places to hang out in public areas, resorts or even family entertainment areas. And it’s not just about listening - Fono is revolutionizing the way we experience music. Get ready to explore and engage with music like never before.

Made for a younger generation

Music is an essential form of expression for young people, giving them a way to explore their creativity and cultivate their identity. The Fono DJ console allows aspiring DJs of all ages to take advantage of the technology available in smartphones today, making it easier than ever to become a DJ. With the Fono DJ console, there are no rules—just endless possibilities for creative expression and innovation. This brings teenagers and young people closer to discovering and creating their very own musical masterpieces!

The Fono

  • Is a positive hangout spot 
  • A place for creative activity 
  • It is an excellent addition to sports/play facilities 
  • And it promotes musical talent

Teenagers playing on the Fono

Teenagers playing on the Fono

A playset that creates interaction

Fono sparks movement by giving people extraordinary and out-of-the-box ways to enjoy the music. Musicians can unleash their inner DJ and join the elite ranks with Fono – an interactive DJ booth that makes it easy to explore creative beats! This innovative device allows you to directly transfer music from your smartphone to its platform, where aspiring stars can mix and edit like a pro. With classic sound effects included for extra flair, this is sure to be a hit with anyone who wants their musical identity heard! The Fono is always in-the-know, thanks to the newest generation of music lovers bringing their sounds straight from their pockets! No smartphone? Not a big deal - we make sure that our preloaded tracks will give you something unexpected and totally fresh.

Children trying out the Fono for the first time
Brothers playing together on the Fono
Young teenagers playing on the Fono
Teenagers making music on the Fono
Fono playsets have been installed worldwide in many different locations
Owners can use the My Yalp platform to install music packs on the Fono

Multiple sound packs are available

Users can play their own music by simply laying their phones on the DJ table. But we also offer sound packs that allow the players to mix with their own music.

Here are the different categories to choose from!

  • Dance
  • Disco
  • Future House
  • Hip-hop
  • Melbourne Bounce
  • R&B
  • Rock
  • Trap
  • Tropical House

A description of the Fono

A description of the Fono

Developed for the outdoor area

  • Like the Lappset Toro, the Lappset Fono is made of self-compacting concrete with a high-quality surface finish.
  • The Fono has high-quality stainless steel for ultimate external protection.
  • The Fono is additionally secured with special fasteners that are also used in prisons
  • The speakers are suitable for outdoor use and are additionally secured.

Description of the picture

  1. High-class concrete base
  2. Chill tubes to hang out with friends
  3. Loudspeakers, covered with a stainless steel grille
  4. DJ mixing desk with real turning discs

Ideal locations for the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ booth

A large number of our Fonos are placed in areas known for vandalism. And yet, it is in these environments that people have a lot of fun every day. We are especially proud of this!

  • Youth club
  • Skateparks
  • Pump tracks
  • Freerunning and parkour facilities
  • Public spaces

Customize your playground

A themed playground brings stories to life, providing a space for children to nurture their imagination and creativity. Our dedicated and expert design team will work closely with you to unlock the full potential of your vision. Together, we will create a playground that is not just a source of joy and inspiration but also a place that educates and sparks imagination. Join us in creating enchanting playces that captivate and inspire both children and adults alike.

AR: Visualize Your Playground!  

Stop imagining and start experiencing! Our interactive AR app lets you see how our products will fit into any environment. This feature provides an interactive experience where you can use your phone to place 3D computer-generated renderings of our interactive devices in the real world!

Teenagers hanging out and listening to music on the Fono
Teenagers dancing in front of the Fono
A family making music together on the Fono
Teenagers making music on the Fono
Fono playsets have been installed worldwide in many different locations

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