Play product families

Before Lappset’s playground equipment reaches users, it undergoes a multi-stage design process, which is always based on the needs of the end-users. Aside from the ease of use, designers need to think of safety, quality, suitability for production and of course the appearance of the equipment. 

These design principles affects to the Lappset product families. Each family emphasize the needs of the user with the streamlined design and production.  

Lappset offers innovative solutions for playgrounds and sports areas

At Lappset, we pride ourselves on crafting innovative solutions that cater to a diverse range of target areas. Whether enhancing public spaces or designing schoolyards, our focus is on creating unique and highly functional playgrounds and environments for all to enjoy. In the realm of leisure and play, our bespoke playgrounds and recreational areas elevate the fun factor for businesses while ensuring safety and accessibility for all users.

Lappset playground in Dobele Latvia

Download playground checklist

Are you looking to design a playground that sparks joy and adventure in the hearts of children?

Our team of experts has compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you create a safe, stimulating, and imaginative playground.