Clover playgrounds

Classic and affordable Clover playgrounds

The undyed, aesthetically simplified Clover playgrounds are perfectly suited for various surroundings because of the neutral looks. In respect to functioning, the Clover playground equipment is a real classic. The equipment has the very basic, affordable and traditional play functions: climbing, hanging, balancing, swinging and sliding.

Clover playground equipment

Lappset’s established experience and skill in taking the safety of playing children into account already during the design stages make the price-quality ratio of Clover products unique. Materials and surface treatment makes Clover products particularly easy to maintain. Clover playground equipment is always unpainted.

 Improved materials and looks:

- Prolonged lifespan with the increased use of high pressure laminate, HPL with a warranty for 20 years

- Now with light and easy plastic slide – a practical choice

Natural Clover playground equipment offers safe play in every environment

12 facts: Q&A about wood preservation used in Lappset products

Lappset uses safe, ecological and long-lasting high-pressure treated northern pine in its wooden playground and outdoor sports equipment and outdoor furniture.

Read more about Lappset`s pressure treatment in Q&A blog!

Three children play on a wooden playground structure: one climbs a ladder, another slides down a slide, and the third stands nearby. The playground is surrounded by trees and grass, with wood chips covering the ground. It's a sunny day.

Natural Lappset Clover

Clover playground equipment