Czyżyny Park Avia, Poland


Wall-Holla is an exciting play centre with several floors. The colourful network structure of Wall-holla gives flight to the imagination and inspires children of all ages to discover different ways of exploring its undulating maze. The structure is a steel network, inside which colourful strips twist and turn.

Space-saving, vertical, urban play structure

In the Wall-Holla playground equipment platforms and steps affixed to the external surfaces make up an almost endless network of possible routes, and progressing in this system develops children’s decision-making abilities. Wall-Holla is designed for an economy of space, and it doubles as a ball net and can even be fitted with a football goal. Wall-Holla is designed for children over the age of 6. 

"Monkeys in the jungle, archaeologists exploring a pyramid, a clandestine meeting atop a skyscraper."

Vertical playground is an exciting way of saving space

  • Great center piece
  • Exciting experience for every age and gender
  • With en1176 standard

The world´s biggest Wall-Holla is in Ketteler Hof park, Germany

The world´s biggest Wall-Holla is in Ketteler Hof park, Germany

Vertical Maze playground equipment in a schoolyard in France

Wooden option: Vertical Maze

  • Vertical Mazes offer wooden option for vertical playgrounds
  • Design in modules create many possibilities for different size play areas and play functions

Some of our most popular Wall-Hollas