Moomin Play by Lappset

Moomin Play by Lappset

The Moomin tales create an inspirational, authentic and educational experience to the playgrounds and they give every child a chance to have an exciting adventure with friends in an encouraging environment.

Tales from Moominvalley come into life on playgrounds

The Moomin-themed playgrounds are designed for public parks with free entrance. They bring Moomin-tales into life in an authentic environment and inspire to explore the Moominhouse and the valley while learning and having fun!

The educational story-based playgrounds are aimed especially for 1-8-year-olds, but bring joy to all ages.

The Moominhouse and the Yard

The Moominhouse invites children to an unforgettable adventure! It rises to a height of more than seven meters, so it`s easy to admire the Moominvalley from above. The house is surrounded by exciting elements - a hammock, an arch bridge, a flowing brook, stones and flowers. Together they create a fascinating environment for adventures!

  • On the first floor there is Moominmamma’s kitchen! The pie in the oven looks delicious, don’t forget to take it out on time!
  • There are several routes to climb up to the heights of the Moominhouse. Stairs inside the house let the younger children to move easily from a room to another, when the ladders gives something extra to the more experienced adventurer.
  • Whose room is on the third floor? There`s a dragon game and a map of Moominvalley – who can it be? The room obviously belongs to Moomintroll, who - together with his friends - built a huge tube slide that goes from his room all the way down to the yard.



How does the Moominhouse look like?

First Moomin-themed play area completed in Kotka’s Katariina Seaside Park

"The Moomin playground has been a great addition to Katariina Seaside Park. The smallest family members and families with children, in general, have been taken into account even better with this project."

- Heikki Laaksonen, Kotka City Gardener

Snufkin`s tent

Snufkin`s tent

Who is setting up camp on the riverbank? That's our old friend Snufkin!

Let’s make a nice trip to the forest at the Snufkin’s Camp! We can play some exciting climbing, balancing and hiding games, and then set our camp, eat a little snack and play in the tent.

The fascinating play complex includes a versatile tower play, tent and a tunnel. In addition, the area includes various play items which can be used as little tables and seats or for balancing.The area can also be placed next to the ”Moominhouse yard” complex.The products can naturally be purchased also individually.

Moomin Play by Lappset playground equipment