Fun is getting a new name!

Fun is getting a new name! Yalp becomes Lappset

Yalp Interactive is now Lappset Interactive, and we're overjoyed about it! So, what's the big change? Well, not much, really. Just a fresh name and look — But most importantly, we're still all about having fun!  We're still swapping knowledge, meeting your every need, creating even more unforgettable spaces that challenge you, and creating Movement For Every Heartbeat. And, of course, we're doing it all with the same hands-on mentality you know and love.  Get ready to dive into the power of fun with our new name – Yalp Interactive is now Lappset Interactive! 

Published: 5 May 2024, edited: 8 May 2024
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Play is colored by questions beginning with “What if?”

Play is colored by questions beginning with “What if?”

The history of Yalp and Lappset

How did we transition from our beginnings to adopting the name Lappset Interactive after 40 years? Let us explain.

Meet Lappset Interactive

At Lappset, we understand that digitalisation is not just a trend but a means to genuinely improve the playground and outdoor sports experience for all users. By integrating user-friendly digital elements, we’re able to create playces that are not only more accessible and inclusive but also, foremost, fun.

Digitalisation and technology enable us to discover and develop new play values and create play environments that foster learning in ways that haven’t been developed before outdoors. Our high-quality interactive playsets lead the way: From Sona, a dance and play arch; Toro, a dynamic sports arena; Fono’s DJ booth; Memo’s educational play pillars; and Sutu’s interactive ball wall, which can help improve your soccer skills. And new to our collection is Luna, the little sister of Sona for indoor dance and play. Each piece of equipment is unique and offers experiences that are perfect for any target group.

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Big news! Fun getting a new name: Yalp becomes Lappset! But don't worry, our fun remains unchanged. Want to stay informed about the latest developments at Lappset and the play and sports world? Sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye on our socials!

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Fun is getting a new name
Fun is getting a new name
Fun is getting a new name
Fun is getting a new name
Fun is getting a new name - Yalp becomes Lappset