A sports area next to a playground in Tampere.

Sport product families

All Lappset outdoor fitness product families have been developed in collaboration with experienced professionals in their respective fields. In this way, Lappset provides a variety of outdoor exercise equipment with the utmost quality and expertise available to ensure safe and suitable workouts for any skill level.  

Lappset's attention to detail in its outdoor fitness product brands is unparalleled. In collaboration with professionals, like the Finnish Parkour Academy, for example, Lappset meticulously designs each piece of equipment specifically tailored to meet user expectations while providing an aesthetically pleasing design.  

Lappset offers innovative solutions for playgrounds and sports areas

At Lappset, we pride ourselves on crafting innovative solutions catering to diverse target areas. Whether enhancing public spaces or designing schoolyards, we focus on creating unique and highly functional playgrounds and environments for all to enjoy. In leisure and play, our bespoke playgrounds and recreational areas elevate the fun factor for businesses while ensuring safety and accessibility for all users.

Fitness park in Kartanonkoski Finland

Outdoor Gym Checklist

Are you planning to install an outdoor gym in your community or facility?

At Lappset Group, we believe that everyone should have access to healthy and active living. That's why we've created this free Outdoor Gym Checklist to help make outdoor fitness accessible to all. Download the checklist now and start planning your own outdoor gym!