Children playing under a colorful-themed Sona

Leisure and family entertainment - create a memorable experience

Leisure encompasses a wide range of activities, including camping, visiting holiday parks, enjoying family-friendly entertainment and recreational facilities with indoor and outdoor play alternatives, and exploring retail and shopping centers. All leisure business entrepreneurs need to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer the best possible customer experience. At Lappset, we are convinced you can create experiences through play, sports, and bringing people together.

We believe play is for everyone!

At Lappset, play opens up a world of possibilities for children and adults alike. We believe that everyone should have equal access to play, exercise, and relaxation regardless of age or ability. Our playgrounds are designed to create a safe, fun environment for all users - from toddlers to older generations. With our expertise in leisure industry services, we offer diverse indoor and outdoor solutions that can help elevate your brand beyond competitors and provide the ultimate customer experience. Let us help you turn your vision into reality so that all can enjoy the joys of play!

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Indoor play

Indoor play areas offer great added value in many locations, each with its own unique goals and requirements. From the client’s perspective, play areas in shopping centers, family entertainment venues, museums, amusement parks, campsites, and hotels serve multiple purposes beyond just entertainment. These playgrounds are also places to exercise, relax, refresh, and enjoy recreation.

At Lappset, we collaborate with our clients to provide an indoor playground or recreation area in line with the client’s branding, strategy, and commercial objectives. With Lappset indoor play, we design and implement various projects, from a small indoor playground to an indoor recreation hall with or without a theme. Our team sketches out the designs based on your needs and wishes. After that, we work everything out to the smallest detail. We arrange everything for you, from implementation to assembly. A delivery report is a standard part of our service package, guaranteeing the quality and safety of your play area.

Indoor playground Balubaland

Indoor playground Balubaland

Sutu brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends

Sutu brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends

Resorts & Campinggrounds

The traditional campsite is slowly disappearing and is transforming into a luxurious holiday resort. Holiday goers are looking for more, especially when it comes to children’s entertainment. They’re looking for an experience. In the playground, the common seesaw or slide is no longer sufficient. You want an adventure playground which attracts more visitors to make them come back for more.

Lappset Interactive playground and sports equipment help you reach every member of the family, including the often tough-to-reach younger demographic.

The Treehouse is the focal point of this playground


Lappset Bespoke playgrounds are at the forefront of play. They combine architectural elements and structures to create an unforgettable experience for children and adults alike. Offering interactive and unique features that stimulate creativity, imagination and exploration, every element is designed to challenge, inspire, and provide a safe, immersive experience. From climbing walls to slides, swings, balance beams, tunnels and more – Lappset can help you create a custom-made solution that perfectly meets your needs. Our experienced designers work with you to develop a personalized concept that reflects your vision while adhering to all safety standards and regulations. Ultimately, Lappset's Bespoke playgrounds are more than just places for kids to play – they're innovative spaces that spark curiosity, creativity, and social interaction. These playgrounds represent the future of play where architecture meets imagination.

Children playing with their grandparents under the Sona Interactive dance and play arch

Children playing with their grandparents under the Sona Interactive dance and play arch

Inclusive playgrounds and sports areas

Playing outside is a joyful experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, regardless of age or ability. At Lappset, we believe in an inclusive approach that enables young and old, able-bodied and people with disabilities, to benefit from playing and exercising together. After all, having fun is essential for everyone’s well-being. Engaging in outdoor activities that please you create a sense of safety and belonging.

Often only minor adjustments to a ‘conventional’ school playground are enough to make it inclusive or even for it to serve as an outdoor classroom. Lappset’s inclusive design takes into account everyone with an impairment. Our approach has always been for all children to have the opportunity to play and learn together on school breaks and during lessons, not being segregated into separate groups.

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Different reasons for choosing interactive play and sports concepts

Interactive play and sports concepts

Looking for a way to attract more visitors to your leisure business? Consider incorporating an interactive playset into your space! With constantly updated game content, these eye-catching playsets appeal to the entire family and encourage them to be active and play together. And the best part? Our clients consistently report earning back their investment on an interactive playground. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your visitor experience and grow your business!

Six reasons to choose interactive playground equipment:

1. High intensity of use: Some resorts report that equipment is used for up to 10 hours daily.

2. Rising turnover for your business and surrounding areas: Partly due to the surprise element of the interactive playground equipment, it draws in a lot more visitors to the surrounding areas, such as terraces, cafés, and restaurants.

Friends hanging out and playing music on the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth

Friends hanging out and playing music on the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth

Children playing on a uniquely custom-themed Sona

Children playing on a uniquely custom-themed Sona

3. Game content that suits your target group: Many games are available for young children, teenagers, or for playing as a family.

4. Attract both new and returning visitors: New games are constantly being developed for each interactive play device. This creates a never-ending cycle of excitement for customers who continue to return for more fun and entertainment.

5. Customisable theme: You can customize the theme according to your brand or location.

6. Barrier-free: Interactive play and sports sets are barrier-free and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Exercise equipment for further enhancement

It’s no secret that encouraging children to play has multiple benefits, from fostering physical activity to improving mental health and boosting creativity during holidays and leisure time. However, while creating playgrounds where children can play is essential, getting adults to be active with them and join in the fun can be somewhat challenging.

Have you considered utilizing the full potential of existing street furniture, such as park benches or open grass areas surrounding playgrounds? These spaces can be transformed into recreational hubs catering to adults and children alike. By installing exercise equipment in otherwise unused areas, adults are encouraged to move and engage. Or why not provide yoga classes for families or hula hooping lessons for all generations in the combined play and sports area?

Seniors working out together

Seniors working out together

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Download playground checklist

Are you looking to design a playground that sparks joy and adventure in the hearts of children?

Our team of experts has compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you create a safe, stimulating, and imaginative playground. 

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