Sisu Fitness sports equipment

The Sisu Fitness outdoor sports equipment significantly complements Lappset's wide range of sports products. With Sisu products, fitness enthusiasts and athletes have access to adjustable weights for strength training. The new Sisu fitness concept with ergonomic design provides a high-end user experience for all. Sisu Fitness also includes comprehensive fitness frames.

What is Sisu Fitness?

Sisu Fitness is an all-inclusive collection of essential outdoor fitness products. It provides a platform for progressive and motivating training. Sisus enable numerous scalable movements. They also elevate outdoor training to a new level by combining bodyweight and weight training.

Sisu Fitness weight adjusting

Sisu Fitness weight adjusting

How does it work?

Just grab the handles and go!

  • Each piece of equipment guides the movement safely without compromising the effects.
  • 100 % stepless adjustability.
  • Resistance can be adjusted easily by turning the wheel.
  • Fully housed-weight plates are safe to use.

Movements & muscles

  • Sisu fitness weights enable to train of the main muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, legs, glutes, and arms.
  • A variety of movements includes bench as well as overhead presses, lateral row, pull-down, and squat, to name a few.


  • Sisu Fitness products comply with EN 16630 (outdoor sports equipment safety standard).
  • Fully housed-weight plates are safe to use.
  • Resistance can be adjusted easily by turning the wheel.
  • Entrapment risks are minimized and indicated with a triangle. 

Uniform design improves usability and predictability, both being important safety factors.

Installation and maintenance

  • Easy to install and maintain. 
  • Materials are easy to keep clean.
  • Lappset uses only certified metal parts.
  • We use sturdy and durable high-quality panels made of high-pressure laminate.

Sisu Accessible Press at Pepparrotsbadet´s outdoor gym in Enköping, Sweden

Sisu Accessible Press at Pepparrotsbadet´s outdoor gym in Enköping, Sweden

Sisu Fitness ambassador: Pekka Hyysalo

Lappset co-operates with the former freestyle athlete Pekka Hyysalo, known for his FightBack personal brand. Pekka inspires people to do outdoor sports through his own story, personality, and positive attitude.  On April 2010, Pekka was seriously injured in a skiing accident at Ylläs skiing resort in Finland. He hit his head, fell into a coma for several weeks, and got a high-energy traumatic brain injury. Against all odds and thanks to Pekka’s sisu, he managed to fight back to a normal life.  He exercised constantly towards the goal and enjoyed the progress.  As an exceptionally positive and warm-hearted person, Pekka is the best example of sisu*.

*Sisu is a Finnish word that means perseverance, resilience, and courage in the face of adversity. It can also be seen as a kind of stoic determination to never give up despite overwhelming odds. Sisu describes a deep inner strength that allows people to continue on in difficult situations and to keep striving even when success seems unlikely.