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Grow Your Expertise with Lappset

For over half a century, we have been blazing new trails and leading the way in the commercial park and playground industry

Our global collection of the industry’s most talented and knowledgeable professionals, has long-been a huge factor in in our success and now we’re giving you the opportunity to gain exclusive access to some of our best and brightest, too!

With 2022 just beginning, now is the time to build momentum and start the new year off with a bang.

  • Do you have the beginnings of what you believe could be a tremendously excellent project, but need a little help with fleshing out the idea and gaining some specialized insight?
  • Is your design having trouble checking all the boxes and or could it use the insight and knowledge of a park and playground expert?

Our select group of industry professionals are here to do just that, and best of all – it’s completely free of charge.

Perttu “Spidey” Pihlaja, Aarni Mertala, Harrie Kerkhof & Mikko Partanen have been instrumental to Lappset’s continued success and development and it is these four masters of their fields that we will be offering, with limited availability, to you.

Expert Bios

Helping you to build the perfect parkour areas


Perttu "Spidey" Pihlaja

Practising parkour since 2003, founder of the Finnish Parkour Academy
A Physicist

  • A parkour legend, Perttu Pihlaja, is a wealth of knowledge and experience that is sure to provide crucial insight and originality.
  •  Expertly positioned to provide a unique point-of-view and ideas, Perttu is ready to share his remarkable vision to help you build the most perfect parkour areas possible.
  • If you’re seeking ways to activate the members of your community through a unique and versatile parkour environment, then Perttu is your guy.

YouTube video featuring Perttu: Is parkour safe?

Tips to create must-see destination playgrounds


Mikko Partanen

MA in International Design Business Management, BA in Industrial and Service Design
Lappset Group`s Business Development Manager

  • It’s not often that you can gain one-on-one access to a designer who has worked with the likes of Mattel, Ferrari, SEGA and LEGO, but with Lappset you can.
  •  2014 Red Dot Award winning designer, Mikko Partanen, has been a driving force for nearly a decade in the commercial park and playground industry. As the Head of Design at Lappset Creative, Mikko is uniquely capable of things that normal human beings are not.
  • Being given even the most abstract of ideas, let Mikko lead you on the path to creating the next, greatest destination playground.

See Mikko's work: Lappset Creative references

How to build an outdoor gym?


Aarni Mertala

a Master’s degree in Sport Sociology
Lappset Group`s Sport Concept Manager

  • Installing outdoor gym facilities is a trend that has been gaining in popularity for years, but it’s still a challenging sell for many in the industry.
  •  Enter fitness-junkie and uber-knowledgeable Lappset Concept Manager, Aarni Mertala.
  • Aarni’s deep involvement and expert know-how in the product development and sales processes of outdoor gym equipment makes him the perfect resource for the planning and consulting of your outdoor gym project.

Read Aarni's blog: Yield expectations for a sport facility

New ideas for playgrounds or school yards


Harrie Kerkhof

Working in the playground industry since 2000
Lappset Group`s Interactive Play Concept Manager (Yalp Interactive)

  • With a mind capable of endless creativity and a proven track-record of creating revolutionary play concepts, Harrie Kerkhof is a true unicorn in the commercial park and playground industry.
  •  In a time when schools are trying ways to get their students to look beyond the screens of their devices and become more active, it’s more important than ever to shake things up and take a different point of view.
  • If it’s new ideas and completely outside-the-box concepts that you’re looking for, then Harrie is the guy to get with.

Read Harrie's blog: Believe in play, innovative solutions, and dare to do things differently!

Power through knowledge

Lappset is offering these four experts of their fields to you as a means to jump start your projects and to get 2022 rolling in the right direction.

Free of charge

They say that knowledge is priceless, but this time the expertise that we are offering is completely free. With an approximate value of 1000€, the access to and knowledge of our experts is sure to provide residual insight and information for years to come. 

Limited availability

Limited in availability, cases will be evaluated and selected to provide the most help and assistance possible. Offered only in English, Lappset’s team of customer service personnel and account managers will work closely with this board of experts to identify and develop bespoke plans and visions for each and every case. 

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Whether your goal is to create a new local attraction, re-engage youth in the community, establish unique and memorable playscapes or improve the overall health and welfare of your local populace, Lappset is here for you.

Contact us today to see if you qualify for this limited-access, expert-insight campaign!

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