Karingal Hub Happy Camp playground in Australia

Bespoke playgrounds - where imagination becomes reality

Unleash your wildest imagination and explore endless possibilities with Lappset's bespoke playground equipment solutions. We believe that playgrounds can be more than just swings and slides; they can be landmarks that shape the identity of a place and strengthen local communities.

Transforming ideas into captivating playgrounds

At Lappset, we're not just playground equipment experts; we're creators and storytellers. Whether you have a detailed plan or just a simple sketch, we'll turn your ideas into captivating playground adventures.

Explore our work, like the iconic lighthouse playground in Brittany, France, or the innovative Karingal Hub Happy Camp in Frankston, Australia. These are more than just playgrounds; they're stories waiting to be experienced.

Let's transform your vision into an unforgettable playground reality. Together, we'll bring imagination to life.

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Playground revolution: How to unleash creativity with unique landmarks

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Diamond Park in Dublin, Ireland. Project by AllPlay.

Diamond Park in Dublin. Photo by our channel partner AllPlay, Ireland.

Nordic identity and sustainability

Our roots are in the North, and we infuse Nordic identity into our products even when they leave home. Our approach prioritizes function, sustainability, and a warm, tactile user experience.

We use locally sourced Nordic pine, known for its low carbon footprint, as our primary material. For sculptural forms, we utilize large steel frames, combining Nordic aesthetics with the benefits of steel.

Sustainable, Nordic playgrounds: Can strength and style meet?

Playground CONCEPT

Playground CONCEPT

Co-design process for elevating the play experience

Designing a playground involves addressing various questions, for example:

  • Should it stand out or blend with its surroundings?
  • What age demographics will it serve?
  • How can we address inclusivity?

Our co-design approach involves multiple stakeholders early in the process to define a shared vision.

Our team brings expertise in play functions, user behaviour, safety standards, and product life-cycle management to tailor the project to your unique needs.

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Secrets revealed - How playgrounds are transformed through collaborative design!

Karingal Hub Happy Camp playground in Australia

Unleash adventure at Karingal Hub Happy Camp

The extraordinary playground at Karingal Hub Happy Camp in Frankston Australia is the ultimate playground.

From thrilling slides to an immersive Vertical Maze, it's a place where memories are made.

Photo by our channel partner Lark Industries, Australia.

Laune Lahti Finland Castle with dragon and Sona

Laune Lahti Finland Castle with dragon and Sona

Key factors that create value for you

  • Budget management
  • Feasibility
  • Safety
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance

We ensure that each design is within budget, feasible for manufacturing, and safe for all users.

Our focus on product lifecycle and durability means we offer spare parts and easy maintenance solutions, creating play structures that bring joy and unforgettable experiences.

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Lighthouse is 12,4 meters tall

Sail into adventure at lighthouse playground

This 12.4-meter-tall lighthouse playground in Brittany, France, is a beacon of creativity.

This custom creation pays homage to local landmarks, offering a thrilling play experience.

Mammoth concept design. Project with Spec.

Mammoth-themed playground concept for Dallas, US. Project by our local channel partner SPEC.

Cover of a guide book titled

Cover of a guide book titled "How to make a bespoke playground" by Lappset. It features an image of a child standing at a playground with wooden structures, elevated platforms, and slides amongst tall trees. The predominant colors are pink, green, and white.

A guidebook on designing bespoke playgrounds

Download the guidebook for an exclusive look into bespoke playground design, where creativity meets community needs.

Discover inspiring designs, insights, and design options to create a playground that uniquely resonates with your vision.

Elevate your understanding and turn dreams into reality – download now!

How to make a bespoke playground: Guidebook

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At Lappset, we don't just build playgrounds; we craft landmark playscapes that ignite the imagination, foster inclusivity, respect nature, and create lasting memories.

Join us on this journey to transform your ideas into reality and make your space truly unique.