Lighthouse playground in holiday resort L'Océan Breton, France

Impressive lighthouse playground delights visitors at a holiday resort in France

At the luxurious Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton, guests can take a step back in time and explore a themed play area inspired by classic lighthouses. 12.4 meters tall with stunning details to honor Brittany's illustrious nautical heritage - there is no limit when storytelling intertwines with landscape design!

Brittany, France
Lappset France

Playground inspired by local landmark

Translating the unique beauty of a beloved local landmark, this custom project created an interactive play experience for children at the Port of Guilvinec. Featuring a striking wooden exterior and three tube slides with varying heights, as well as binoculars to take in breath-taking views – kids can feel like they’re standing atop their very own lighthouse!

With such versatility built into the design concept by Lappset’s designer Tero Puotiniemi it’s possible to reimagine these creative ideas on land or in space – perhaps even bringing castles and rockets alive with playful adventures. Manufactured within the Lappset factory in Finland, it stands tall against imagination limits worldwide!

"This magnificent lighthouse has made the customer, Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton, very happy," says Eric Regnault at Lappset France.

Lighthouse has become the meeting point for the children

Our guest's children are utterly amazed by our life-like lighthouse, and it has become the meeting point for all the children throughout their holidays!

Kayleigh Furic

Director, Yellow Village L’Océan Breton*****

Lighthouse playground in Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton France

Lighthouse is 12,4 meters tall

Lighthouse is 12,4 meters tall

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