Children learning on the schoolyard | Lappset Yalp B.V. The Netherlands

Introducing Lappset Outdoor Classroom

For two decades, we've been dedicated to transforming traditional classrooms into dynamic learning spaces. Our flagship product, Lappset's Memo, has already revolutionized playgrounds for over 15 years. Now, with the Lappset Outdoor Classroom, we invite students to step outside and engage with their teachers in an innovative learning environment. This shift encourages exploration, interaction, and inspiration in the outdoors.

With Lappset's Outdoor Classroom, schools can strike a perfect balance between active learning and academic excellence. Join us on this journey as we redefine education, creating a world without limits. Download Lappset's Outdoor Classroom guide today and unlock a new realm of learning possibilities.

Children playing on the Lappset Memo | Lappset Yalp B.V. The Netherlands

Children playing on the Lappset Memo | Lappset Yalp B.V. The Netherlands

Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars

If you're looking to bring play and learning together in an interactive environment should look no further than the Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars. This unique playground equipment is designed with fun and exploration in mind while still providing students with a quality education that encourages creativity and active learning. Designed for fun and exploration, the Memo is an engaging playground centrepiece. The round play floor hosts seven-game pillars, providing a visually stimulating platform inviting creativity.

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The Lappset Didactic Guide

With 200+ pages, the didactic guide is set up as a choose-your-own-adventure book. We've designed this didactic guide to make it easy to find exactly what you need. With instructions, lessons, worksheets, inspiration and, most importantly, showing off the valuable knowledge behind each game or lesson, it's never been easier to embark on your learning adventure!  Here are some of the key features you can expect from Lappset’s Outdoor Classroom: 

  • Exciting and interactive activities designed to engage students in outdoor learning 
  • Traditional teaching methods adapted for outdoor use 
  • Opportunities for physical activity as part of the class curriculum 
  • Comprehensive didactic guide to help teachers plan lessons easily 
  • Game details about levels, group sizes, ages, keywords, and game icons make your choice much easier 

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Teacher planning lessons | Lappset Didactic Guide

Teacher planning lessons | Lappset Didactic Guide

Children learning on the Lappset Memo | Lappset Outdoor Classroom

Children learning on the Lappset Memo | Lappset Outdoor Classroom

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is at the base of the Lappset Memo Outdoor Classroom concept. This philosophy is reflected by the infinity symbol that forms the idea for the layout design; two circles merged in an infinite loop. One circle as an activity zone with the Lappset Memo as the centrepiece of the schoolyard, with dynamic content connected with every school’s curriculum. The second circle with modular classroom elements as a relaxation and teaching zone to prepare, activate, process, and evaluate the Memo lessons.

A layout in multiple zones will open many possibilities to implement Memo in your daily practice. Sending an entire classroom out, working in small groups, or just sending a few students out during a class wearing the explorer vest will give them full autonomy to master the selected lesson to explore on Memo. The two circles are connected with a running track as design inspiration, implementing flooring elements for adding value to any schoolyard and, in this design template, symbolizing the philosophy of lifelong learning.

Multifunctional Stage 

The modular classroom elements will complete the Outdoor Classroom; they can be used multifunctionally. Their primary purpose is as a stage to sit and work in a circular classroom setup, with chalkboards to communicate back to a teacher and others—the chalkboards are a nice contrast, bringing technology and old-school tools together outdoors!

Activity Zone 

The Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars are one of our most complete interactive products. We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the unique and educational content and games already created for it.

The teacher is preparing the class for an outdoor lesson about Roman Numbers | Lappset Outdoor Classroom


The Lappset Outdoor Classroom Linkedin group is the perfect place to make connections and share your expertise. Members include teachers, professionals, and experts in their field who are all here for one common goal: learning from each other! Together we can create the best possible playground experiences by sharing our successes as well as asking questions about what could be done better or differently. So join us today for an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals—we look forward to having you on board! 

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Are you interested in a school environment where children learn through play, promoting health and well-being? Explore the Didactic Guide. Check out the preview for a glimpse into the possibilities. For access to the complete guide, kindly reach out to us via the form below.

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