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Castles, kings, dragons and princesses

Pretend Play prepares for life

As themed play invite children to play different roles, they can practice experiencing and expressing feelings. Role and theme play, by involving several participants, also trains their communication and social skills. On this page you can find a lovely collection of themed play equipment around the world, made by Lappset. If you want to use your own brand or idea when theming an equipment or an area, please let us know your thoughts and we will make your dream come true.



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Sailors, pirates, ships, boats, light houses
Vehicles: Trains, locomotives, helicopters
Jungle and animals, rhinos, zebras, elephants, giraffes
Farm machines, tractors, cows, animals
Play houses
Space theme with ships, rockets and launch sites
Thematic play equipment - get inspired from our customised products
Ready thematic play equipment on our product search - with only 4 weeks delivery time!
MattelPlay Lappset Creative
We bring your brands to life!
Lappset Creative
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