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Sustainability: Lappset uses zink-free primers and boron-free wood preservation

Pulverimaalauskuva - Copy.jpg Lappset uses zinc-free powder coating in the Tallinn factory when coating metal components. The change helps save the environment, yet providing the same durability of the coating as before.
talouskatsaus_18.jpg Timber is a naturally ecological raw material. Lappset uses durable northern pine (Pinus Sylvestris) in its wooden ranges. The wooden components are being preserved for a long-lasting life cycle by using a boron-free wood preservative as one example of continuous development of environmental considerations.

When it comes to enhancing sustainability, small deeds can have significant impacts. Sustainability is one of Lappset's four core values, which is why we strive for continuous development of for e.g. our environmental issues. During this year, we have started using zink-free primers in the manufacturing of coated metal products, and boron-free wood preservation.

Consideration of eco-friendly issues is often a case of various minor alterations and practical deeds that when combined can have great significance from the environmental perspective. One of these is the shift to using zinc-free primer in the manufacturing of coated metal products at the Tallinn plant in Estonia. The Tallinn plant started using zinc-free primer in the beginning of 2018 after receiving positive test results. 

The majority of metal components used in Lappset’s products and metallic product series are manufactured at Lappset’s own plant in Estonia. The shift to using zinc-free powder paint means, for instance, that the excess paint residues produced in powder coating can now be recovered and recycled in the coating process. The recycling of excess coating significantly reduces powder coating wastage. This results in the surface coating process of metal components and metallic products becoming more environmentally friendly, facilitating full recycling of powder coatings.

For customers, this change means that the new powder coating achieves a corrosion endurance according to condition classifications that corresponds to the earlier used zinc powder coating. Therefore, the only difference is that manufacturing is now more eco-friendly. For end users, this modification has no visible significance. Lappset’s own LappCoat coating is the best in the industry and the most durable coating system for metallic products. Lappset’s subcontractors will also make the shift to using zinc-free primer during this year.

Boron-free wood preservatives are more eco-friendly

The northern pine is perfectly suited as the material for playground equipment. The lifespan of pine is estimated to be 10–20 years, providing that the equipment located outdoor uses preserved wood and is serviced in the appropriate manner. 

The lifespan of wood is extended by using small quantities of copper as the active ingredient in the enclosed wood preservation production process. All unused preservatives are recycled back into the process.

Lappset started using a new boron-free wood preservative in the beginning of this year. The new wood preservative saves natural resources.

Boron-free wood preservative has been used at Lappset’s Rovaniemi plant for half a year. Compared to earlier test results, the boron-free wood preservative provides equal protection, only now in a more eco-friendly way.

Further information:
- Tuomo Vaarala, Quality Engineer, M.Eng.,