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Quality and environmental management systems at Lappset’s Estonian plant audited in line with new requirements

Lappset Estonia Factory in Tallinn.jpg Lappset's factory in Tallinn, Estonia, manufactures metal components and metal ranges. It is compliant with the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

The quality and environment systems of Lappset Estonia Oü’s Tallinn plant were reassessed this spring with outstanding results. The outcome of the audit conducted in the end of April confirms that with regard to both management systems, Lappset operates in accordance with the new and more extensive requirements. The report states that high-standard delivery reliability and delivery quality have significantly boosted customer satisfaction.

In addition, the audit conducted by Kiwa Inspecta also verifies that regular internal inspections are conducted at the Estonian plant and that the plant operates according to principles of sustainable development. An example mentioned in the report is the testing of paint coating of metal parts against corrosion and the development of the packaging function as part of the Group’s responsibility work. The Tableau system is utilised for constant monitoring of the production process, using which production intensity can be monitored in real time via the display screens in the factory hall. Furthermore, the auditing report verifies that occupational health and safety is at a good level.

Quality and environmental management requirements are stricter and more extensive

The new requirements for the quality system include inspection of general management, risk management and opportunities, management of the procurement chain, and inspection related to the organisation’s communications. The new requirements for the environmental system include matters related to general management, risk management and opportunities, environmental protection and impacts. 

The Kiwa Inspecta audit also praised tidiness and the use of personal protective equipment that enhances occupational health and safety in the workplace. The report awards special praise for the processing and recycling of waste.

“The inspection of the environmental impacts of products and services must take into account the entire lifecycle. Other important changes include, for instance, planning of communications and outsourced functions”, tells Quality Engineer Tuomo Vaarala.

Quality and the environment are at the very core of responsibility for the Lappset Group.

Quality and environmental management systems are essential elements for the responsibility of the Lappset Group. 

The ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental management system certificates covering operations expire every three years, which is why the systems are regularly audited using an independent and external organisation. 

As a result of the audit conducted by Kiwa Inspecta, the quality and environmental management systems adopted by Lappset already back in the late 1990s passed the audit with flying colours. The auditing report also states that improvement of the communication of information and the elaboration of instruments related to environmental matters are foci for development.  

Certificates related to quality assurance and environmental matters can be found on our website.

Further information available from:
- Timo Vanhapiha, Quality & Environmental Manager,
- Tuomo Vaarala, Quality Engineer,