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Playground design reaches new spheres – Lappset launches new architectonical Cubic product for play

cubic_uutinen.jpg Cubic takes play into new heights. Architectonical playground becomes a centrepiece of any public park.

Lappset Group has taken playground design into new spheres. Lappset introduces a new monumental and architectonical play concept called Cubic at the international FSB Fair held in Cologne, Germany, on 7-11 November 2017. Compliant with the European Safety Standard for Playground Equipment, Cubic becomes a centrepiece and a focal point of any public park.

Hannu Ylinenpaa, Director of Marketing and Innovations at Lappset;

“The language of play is universal. Toddlers love to construct towers by using blocks. At the age of five to six years, children dream of having their own treehouse. We have seen children construct treehouses in many countries and cultures, which inspired our designers to create the Cubic range. Urbanisation is another megatrend posing challenges for land use planning. As green areas tend to be smaller, there is also less space available on the ground for recreational areas and playgrounds. The Cubic concept relieves the stress of landscape architects and designers by providing a compact, architectural, flexible and easily configured range of play structures that require smaller space on the ground.” 

Multiple play value inside the wooden construction
Play value in the Cubic products lies inside the wooden construction, which is why fall heights aren’t necessary, and savings can be made in safety surfaces. The Cubic range is configurable, thereby allowing customised solutions for various environments.


A relaxing moment in the midst of play. The top level of our Cubic opens a magnificent scenery to enjoy sitting in the bird's nest swing.

Play helps develop children's motoric skills and mental abilities

Cubic is designed for four-year-olds and older. The range enhances children’s motoric and spatial skills as well as encourages children to be physically active through play. Playful functions include climbing nets, ropes, levels and ladders. The tube slides are made of plastic or stainless steel, supported by vertical beams. Other play functions include bird’s nest swings, transparent floors and wall elements. There are several options available for flooring and wall materials.

The Cubic range will be available for deliveries from Lappset’s Rovaniemi factory in Finland early 2018 with several standard options, offered with various combinations of cubes and tube slides. The range will be complemented later with several alternatives for imaginary customised combinations and sizes. 

The Cubic is part of Lappset’s Halo playground product family. The Halo range was awarded the German Design Award in 2016 for its functional Scandinavian design.

Additional information;
- Hannu Ylinenpaa, Director of Marketing & Innovations,, tel. +358 40 556 3427

Basics about the Cubic range

  • Designed to enhance children’s motoric and spatial skills.
  • Inclusive options available (separate design option).
  • Compliant with EN 1176, the European Safety Standard for Playground Equipment.
  • High play value inside the cubes with e.g. nets, ropes, levels, ladders, tube slides, bird’s nest swing, transparent floors/wall elements (available also in HPL or wooden constructions).
  • Recommended user age: 4-6 years and older.
  • Wooden construction (PEFC certified Finnish pine, Pinus Sylvestris) with 120x120 mm beams of laminated wood.
  • Concrete foundation & crane required for installation.
  • Additional product information for downloading, e.g. technical information, visualizations, 2-3 DWG drawings, material descriptions, colour options, installation instructions, terms of delivery and warranty will be available later on Lappset’s online product search at