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Moomins join Lappset to make activity parks

Muumin Troll in winter.jpg Lappset Creative will design, construct and supply Moomin themed activity parks in collaboration with the Moomin brand. The contract enables also design of a Moomin themed collection of playground equipment. Picture: The Moomins' image bank.
Niiskuneiti ja Pikku Myy kesäniityllä.jpg Summer or winter. The Moomins' adventures continue despite the season or the weather. Moomin-themed activity parks will offer exciting and playful experiences to all Moomin lovers. Picture: The Moomin's image bank.

Bulls, the company holding the copyright for the Moomins, Moomin Characters and Lappset Group Oy have entered into a cooperation agreement concerning Moomin-themed activity parks and playground collection. This means that Lappset’s business unit responsible for themed activity parks, Lappset Creative, will start to design and deliver Moomin-themed activity parks to chosen markets. In addition, the agreement facilitates producing a Moomin-themed playground equipment collection for the global markets.

“The Moomins are great Finnish icons that are based on art and books. Moomins have been making children happy since 1945. Their long history and environment, adventure, friendship and love are values that go hand-in-hand with Lappset’s own values”, tells China Country Manager for Lappset Creative Miia Tähtinen.

Miia adds that the Moomins have come together with Lappset to create a Finnish play culture that is based on safety, developing activities, learning, nature and community spirit. 

“Preparation of the cooperation contract has worked seamlessly, thanks to our shared values”, Miia emphasises.

For Lappset Creative, this is a question of a new and significant strategic and worldwide partnership that contains two parts. The first part concerns the design and manufacture of Moomin-themed activity parks for the markets selected. Moomin World in Naantali holds exclusive rights to build Moomin themeparks within the European area, which is why the agreement between Lappset and Moomins concerns other markets. The second part of the agreement concerns the creation of the Moomin-themed playground equipment collection for the Lappset Group for Lappset’s global collections of standard products. 

“Our goal is also to develop a Moomin way of playing, a roadmap for play and happiness”, Miia adds.

Further information:
Country Manager Miia Tähtinen, Lappset Creative China, +86 136 11977435,

Lappset Creative

Lappset Creative is the business unit of the Lappset Group that is responsible for the design and manufacture of theme parks. Lappset Creative designs, manufactures and installs its themed activity parks with many world-famous, highly renowned and loved children’s brands. In addition to the Moomins, the partnership network of Lappset Creative also includes, e.g. The best-known characters of Merlin Entertainments and Mattel, and The Tale of Peter the Rabbit from the Beatrix Potter story. Lappset Creative belongs to the Lappset Group that will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary. In addition to its office in Rovaniemi, Lappset Creative has offices in the United Kingdom, China and the United States. Since 2012, the company has supplied numerous experience sites for families with children and freestyle parks all over the world.

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