Mattel Play! Sevenum Opened in Holland, Designed and delivered by Lappset Creative

mattel-play-sevenum-helicopter-thomas-and-friends.jpg Mattel Play! Sevenum at the De Schatberg resort in the South East of Holland was designed and delivered by Lappset Creative. This ca. 2.700 sqm indoor family entertainment centre includes also The Portal, a freestyle park.

Mattel Play! Sevenum is the first permanent attraction of its kind in mainland Europe and will attract families from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It’s part of the large Family Entertainment Centre Sevenum located at the De Schatberg resort in the South East of Holland. It is already the second one for Mattel designed, delivered and installed by Lappset Creative.

The attraction features iconic and popular Mattel characters including Thomas & FriendsTM, Fireman SamTM, Bob The BuilderTM, Angelina BallerinaTM, MEGATM

The site includes also a freestyle park for teens called the Portal, designed and supplied by Lappset Creative.

Playful fun for families with young children and teens

The Mattel Play! Sevenum complex comprises ca 2.700 square metres of indoor space for playful activities and memorable moments to families with children and teens. It was opened to the public on 5th of June 2018.

Director Johan Granholm at Lappset Creative said;

“We were extremely excited about this project as it was the largest one for us so far with the Mattel brands. Indoor sites always pose challenges to designers and constructors. In collaboration with our client De Schatberg, everything went very smoothly, and the project could be carried out in accordance with the plan. It is such a pleasure to see children actively playing and immersing the world of each one of the world-wide famous TV animation celebrities of Mattel Play!”

Julie Freeland, Senior Director Global Live Events & Attractions at Mattel said;

“Our brands are known and loved by children around the world and we are delighted to bring this world class attraction to Europe to inspire wonder in the next generation! A huge congratulation to De Schatberg and their appointed suppliers in producing sunch a premium quality experience.”

Ronald Hoppzak and Karin Hoppzak at the De Schatberg concluded;

“We are delighted to be partnering with Mattel; they have some of the most recognized family brands in Europe. It made a perfect partnership to create a Mattel Play! experience as we wanted to grow our experiences from operating a family holiday park by incorporating and indoor all year-round attraction. Mattel is a global partner with powerful iconic brands that are the perfect fit for expansion strategy.”

The Portal is a freestyle park to help keep teens moving

The Sevenum site includes also a freestyle park with trampolines, a foam pit, a pump track and skate ramps to help keep teens physically active.

The Portal has a space of ca 1.000 square metres. Its design has been based on early computer games of the 1980’s. In accordance with the first games, the players move from one stage to another through the portals on the site. The freestyle park was opened on 19 May 2018.

The Mattel Play! Sevenum and the Portal are located at the De Schatberg leisure resort (Middenpeelweg 5, NL-5975 MZ Sevenum) in Limburg, the Netherlands.

Watch the introduction video of the Portal freestyle park:

Watch the introduction video of Mattel Play! Sevenum:

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- Ronald Hoppzak, Director of De Schatberg, R.Hoppzak@schatberg.nl