Lekolar Leika AS is Lappset’s new distributor in Denmark

We are pleased to announce that as of 1 January, 2016, Lekolar Leika AS is appointed distributor for Lappset in Denmark. Lekolar Leika AS is a company in the Lekolar Group. The Lekolar Group have focus on providing material to schools and pre-schools in the Nordic countries. Lappset and Lekolar have now established cooperation in all Nordic countries.

Our cooperation with Uno AS and Uniqa AS will terminate on 31 December, 2015, and we thank Uno and Uniqa for the work done.

For more information please contact:

- Thomas Berfenfeldt, Director International Business Division; thomas.berfenfeldt@lappset.com or
- Bent Bruun, Nordic Playground Manager; bent.bruun@lekolar.dk