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Leaders of Lappset and SantaPark to donate support to Ukraine and challenge other business leaders to do the same

Ukraine donation Feb 2022.png Lappset's and SantaPark's leaders donate their gross wages and other non-wage labour costs in March to help Ukrainians. The donations are being made via the Finnish Red Cross.

The need for humanitarian aid is growing all the time in Ukraine. Johanna Ikäheimo, Chair of the Board of Directors of Lappset Group Oy, Tero Ylinenpää, CEO of Lappset Group Oy, and Ilkka Länkinen, Managing Director of SantaPark Oy, have asked their employers to refrain from paying their wages in March. At the same time, they are challenging the chairpersons of the boards of companies and the managing directors to participate in providing humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine affects us all in one way or another. Above all, it affects Ukrainian families, mothers, fathers, children, their grandparents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Through donating to the Finnish Red Cross, we want to support people in distress”, says Tero Ylinenpää.

“Our employers, Lappset Group Oy and SantaPark Oy, will pay all the gross wages and other non-wage labour costs in March to help Ukrainians. This will enable us to allocate a greater amount of humanitarian aid – in practice approximately 2.6 times the net salary.”
“The desire to help has been nothing short of remarkable. Many people have helped those suffering, with financial donations and many other means.”

We would like to challenge the chairpersons of the boards of companies and CEOs to each donate one month’s salary, including non-wage labour costs, to an aid organisation of their choice to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Further information available from:
- Tero Ylinenpää, CEO, tel. +358 400 290 234,
- Ilkka Länkinen, Managing Director, tel. +358 50 517 6989,