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Lappset welcomes new staff members to many functions

henkilöstö_uusi.jpg Lappset is experiencing a dramatic increase in its commercial activities. We would like to warmly welcome the new people to join our team at Lappset! From upper left; Lars Husberg, Kristian Nummelin, Ulla Hannula, Sari Jarkko, Mari Koponen, Hannu-Pekka Alasuutari ja Miia Pitkäniemi.

Lappset is experiencing a dramatic increase in its commercial activities. This is the reason for us seeking new experts in different functions. We have appointed new professionals in business development, management of subsidiaries, theme park project management and financial management. We would like to warmly welcome the new people to join our team at Lappset!

Lars Husberg appointed as Business Development Manager of the Lappset Group

Husberg Lars 09052018.jpg
Lars Husberg, MSc (Econ), is appointed as Business Development Manager of the Lappset Group. He reports to COO Kimmo Lautanen.

His mission is to support the rapid international growth of Lappset. His special areas of expertise are corporate expansion strategies and the implementation of such together with customers, partners and colleagues.

The 58-year-old Master of Business Administration started work at IBM as a salesperson in 1984, following which working with customers and information technology have been at the very core of his duties throughout his career.

He has held earlier positions such as consultant, company director and CEO supporting, leading and directing successful transformations in family-run enterprises and globally listed companies. He has worked for IBM on two separate occasions. Other employers include Volvo, Accenture, Capgemini, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the Nordic Electricity Exchange, and Örum, the most renowned chains of which are the Autoasi and Autonomi vehicle repair companies.

Lars lives in an old house in Vantaa, he has three adult daughters and five grandchildren. He spends his holidays with his family at his cottage in the Turku Archipelago, riding his motorcycle and renovating three classic vehicles. Cooking and wines are also among his passions.

His roots are in Tervola, Lapland, where his mother lives. He spent many summers of his childhood at his grandparents’ place in Tervola.

Lars will be working at Lappset’s Helsinki office in the Torpparinmäki district. 

Kristian Nummelin appointed as Country Director for Lappset's USA subsidiary

Nummelin Kristian 11 05 2018 LCD USA.jpg

Kristian Nummelin has been appointed as the Country Director for Lappset’s USA subsidiary, Lappset USA Inc. He started work on 14 May 2018 at the Lappset Creative premises in Rovaniemi. He reports to Creative Director Johan Granholm.

43-year-old Kristian joined Lappset Group Oy after his position at Crossparts Oy, where he worked as an entrepreneur. During his career, he has held positions such as Technical Director of the Havator Group, Sales & Marketing Director of BRP Scandinavia, and Managing Director of BRP Sweden AB.

He was awarded the JET Degree in Specialised Management from the Pohto Development Centre. He completed his International Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences, now known as the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. He graduated as a matriculated student from Tornion Yhteislyseo Upper Secondary School.

Kristian's family consists of his wife and two children. He enjoys cooking, downhill skiing, boating and building.

Ulla Hannula appointed as Director of International Business Division

Hannula Ulla IBD.png
Ulla Hannula, MSc (Econ), eMBA, has been appointed as head of the international business division of Lappset Group Oy as of 1 June 2018. She is responsible for sales development of playground and activity park equipment and managing Lappset’s international sales network. She reports to CEO Tero Ylinenpää.

She leads the sales of Lappset products in all other subsidiary countries, except in Sweden and Finland, and is responsible for the international sales of products through a distribution network covering nearly 60 nations.

Being multi-skilled in sales and marketing, Ulla Hannula has established experience in international business in the sectors of telecommunications, information technology, and device and solution sales for financial management. She held earlier positions at Benefon, Nokia and Basware. She believes that customer-oriented corporate activities are the most vital keys to commercial success.

She comes from the Lappish village of Muurola and graduated from Muurola Upper Secondary School. Her studies continued at the Turku School of Economics from which she graduated as a Master of Business Administration in 1990 and majoring in international marketing. In 2010, she also graduated with an eMBA degree from the same school.

Ulla Hannula enjoys reading and a variety of different types of physical exercise. Her family consists of her husband and sons aged 16 and 9 years.

Ulla will be working at Lappset’s Helsinki office in the Torpparinmäki district.

Sari Jarkko has started her new position as Chief Accountant for the Lappset Group in Rovaniemi

Jarkko Sari Pääkirjanpitäjä 30042018.jpg

Sari Jarkko, MSc (Econ), holds the position of Chief Accountant at Lappset Group. She has earlier worked in positions such as Assistant Controller at the Boliden Kevitsa Mine in Sodankylä and Financial Secretary of Lapin Metallikierrätys.

Sari graduated as a Master of Business Administration from the universities of Lapland and Oulu.

She enjoys a variety of physical exercise and breeds Miniature Pinschers. In addition, she is currently studying to be a Personal Trainer Nutrition Coach.

Sari comes from the Keminmaa Municipality of Lapland, she has three children and her husband is an entrepreneur.

Mari Koponen started her position as Project Manager in Lappset Creative, Lappset’s Themed Activity Centres Division

Koponen Mari LCD Projektipäällikkö 27042018.jpg
Among her responsibilities are the installation tasks for destinations. In the future, she will also be the supervisor for specialised production. She reports to Creative Director Johan Granholm.

Mari graduated with an MSc (Tech) in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Lappeenranta University of Technology.  Mari also graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences (now known as the Lapland University of Applied Sciences).

Mari is from Rovaniemi and has earlier held positions at, for instance, the YIT Construction and Building company building apartment blocks in Helsinki. She has experience of site supervision and project management in the field of construction.

Mari plays Finnish baseball and enjoys scuba diving.

Hannu-Pekka Alasuutari appointed as Business Controller at Lappset Creative

Alasuutari Hannu_Pekka 05 2018.jpg
His areas of responsibility are focused on the financial matters of future theme parks, particularly in China and the United States, including related monitoring and reporting. He was earlier employed for ten years at the Nordea Bank.

Hannu-Pekka has a degree in International Bachelor of Business Administration, graduating from Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Hannu-Pekka, a freeriding and downhill skiing enthusiast, works at the Rovaniemi premises.

Miia Pitkäniemi has joined the Group’s Accounting Team as Accounts Payable Assistant

Pitkäniemi Miia 09 05 2018.jpg
She joins Lappset from her position as Financial Secretary at Metsähallitus. Miia reports to Head of Accounting Anne-Mari Kurtakko.

Miia graduated as an Associate in Business Administration from the Lapland Vocational College (now known as REDU).

Miia comes from Rovaniemi and is a mother of two young children. Her free time is spent with the family, gardening and renovating their recently purchased house.

The fascinating work and new challenges on offer made Miia want to work at Lappset. Naturally, a new job in her hometown also had a significant influence on her decision.