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Lappset partners with two new distributors in the U.S.

The cunningham.jpg The Cunningham Recreation team under the Sona.
the mrc.jpg The MRC team gathered together.

We are happy to welcome two new sales partners in the U.S., Cunningham Recreations and MRC, who both have extensive sales networks in the country. The distribution agreements were signed earlier this spring and the hands-on cooperation has already started with a wide range of Lappset’s most popular products for play.

Both partners are family companies

Both Cunningham Recreation and MRC are family-owned companies with long records of accomplishment in the leisure business including playgrounds and outdoor sports areas. Their annual turnovers are close to ours.

Mrs Ulla Hannula, Director of International Business; “We are glad to be able to offer interesting new options to their product portfolios that they have not had before. The product match together with their extensive national sales networks imply excellent opportunities for growth to all of us. Both companies have been earlier our distributors of interactive products, designed and provided by our Dutch subsidiary, Yalp, on the American markets. As we have known each other during the past years, it was easy and natural to expand our cooperation to playground solutions. Together, we have set the ribbon high.”

Familiar partners from the interactive ranges provided by Lappset Yalp

Both new partners are already familiar to the Lappset family. Cunningham Recreation and MRC have already been highly appreciated distributors of Lappset’s interactive products for play and sports through the Dutch subsidiary, Lappset Yalp.

Cunningham Recreation on their website; “We are beginning to see the Yalp interactive play concept taking hold here in the US and feel we can work towards that with the Lappset products as well.”

Brian Gates, Vice President of Sales at MRC; “This partnership takes our modern design capabilities to an architectural level that has been unseen within the American marketplace. With an aligned vision for high-end play spaces, this partnership is one that will benefit our customers and the end users.”

special collection of high-end play products offered to the U.S. market

The product portfolio offered to the U.S. market through Cunningham Recreations and MRC will first comprise of Lappset’s high-end playground equipment; the Halo Diamond and Cubic ranges, the natural Flora and the Premium collection of landmark playgrounds.


Conversion of the play products to meet the ASTM standard

Product safety is of utmost importance to children playing on playgrounds provided by Lappset.

In Europe, Lappset adapts its entire product portfolio for play to the European safety norms. For the U.S. market, the standard is different in many ways, which is why all products sold on the market have been converted to meet the American Safety Standard, ASTM.

On Lappset’s online product catalogue and product search, the products have been tagged with a US abbreviation before the actual product number to differentiate the ranges from the European ones.

Three partners in the U.S.

By welcoming Cunningham Recreation and MRC to the family of Lappset’s global sales network, we now have three partners in the U.S. alongside with the SPEC Play Company.
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Additional information;
Ulla Hannula
Director of International Business