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Lappset designing and constructing Tykkimaki Actionpark in Lahti, Finland

Tykkimaki Actionpark mediakuva 25092017.jpg Tykkimaki Actionpark in Lahti, Finland, will be an oasis of play and sports to children, teens and families. The 1,500 sqm indoor play area and freestyle park will open in the beginning of 2018. Design and construction by Lappset Creative. Photo courtesy: Tykkimaki Actionpark.

The theme park business of Lappset Group Oy is experiencing intense growth in Finland and abroad. Next in line is designing and building already a second activity park for Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy who is opening a new indoor activity park in the Prisma department store in the Laune district of the city of Lahti. The first Tykkimaki Actionpark was opened in October 2016 in the Kouvola Prisma department store. Lappset Creative has substantially completed and ongoing theme park projects overseas, working in partnership with the international Mattel Group and a number of other big brands.

According to CEO of Lappset Group Oy, Tero Ylinenpaa, commercial activities are experiencing enormous growth in the activity and theme park sectors, which also means more recruitment.

“We will be recruiting experts in a number of fields, such as designers, project managers and installation staff. These experts will be required in the theme park projects, but they will also be involved in boosting other product developments in coming years”, Tero Ylinenpää tells.

Tykkimäki Actionpark is an entirety that offers a wide variety of fitness and adventure activities for the whole family. The Actionpark in Lahti will cover an approximate area of 1,500 square metres (16,000 sq. ft). The action park will be located in the premises of the former Isku furniture chain store of the Prisma department store complex in Laune.

“We have had so many positive experiences from the Kouvola Actionpark that we made the decision to establish another Actionpark, this time branching away from Kouvola. In addition to this Actionpark in Lahti, we are also planning similar expansion to Kotka and Lappeenranta”, reveals CEO of Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Sakari Pasanen.

Laune’s Prisma is an outstanding site for the activity park due to its central location. The basic infrastructure and parking facilities are all in order. Prisma is also a shopping location popular with families, which means that Actionpark visits can easily be done at the same time as a regular shopping trip.

“We are very excited about the new Actionpark. The activity park will expand and enhance the attraction and range of service available at Laune’s Prisma shopping complex. What’s more, S-Bonus cardholders will be awarded S-group bonuses for visiting the action park”, tells Division Director of Prisma stores and food courts at Osuuskauppa Hämeenmaa, Lari Rusila.

The total cost for the investment is around one million euros. Lappset Group Oy is responsible for building the park, with plans to open its doors to the public in early February 2018. The Tykkimäki Amusement Park first started business in Kouvola back in 1986, and today its Amusement Park, Aquapark and Actionpark bring in around 250,000 visitors each year.

“We are very enthusiastic about being awarded this opportunity to design another Tykkimäki activity park. The first Actionpark, built in Kouvola in 2016, was also exclusively designed and supplied by Lappset. In addition to the Tykkimäki destinations, we are also currently supplying enormous entireties overseas in cooperation with the international Mattel group, including for instance the De Schatberg vacation park in the Netherlands. This summer we also completed our second Peter Rabbit-themed outdoor playground in the United Kingdom”, tells Johan Granholm, responsible for Lappset Creative.

For more information, please contact:
Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy, CEO Sakari Pasanen, tel. +358 400 482 589,
Osuuskauppa Hameenmaa, Division Director Lari Rusila, tel. +358 50 363 6602,
Lappset Group Oy, CEO Tero Ylinenpaa, tel. +358 400 290 234,
Lappset Group Oy, Director, Lappset Creative Johan Granholm, +358 40 532 4183,

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