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Lappset designed and constructed the Tykkimaki activity park in Kouvola

Pumptrack Tykkimaki Actionpark 102016 WEB.jpg
Pumptrack scooting and biking track. (Photo: Tykkimaki Actionpark)

The indoor activity park, Tykkimaki Actionpark, was opened in the Prisma hypermarket in Kouvola on 22nd October 2016 by Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy. The park forms an entirety that provides active and adventurous indoor activities for the whole family to experience play and the fun of activity. Lappset Creative, the theme park unit of Lappset Group Ltd, was responsible for designing and implementing the park.

“Actionpark provides children, youths and adults the opportunity to experience activity in fun and inspiring ways. Spending quality time together with friends and family is what is important. This is a place to spend time with children and youths, a place that gives joy in the form of activity,” says CEO of Tykkimaen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy Sakari Pasanen.  

The indoor park offers a number of different activities to try out and you can challenge friends to a competition, or test your own accuracy and speed using the speed radar and the interactive ball game wall. You can try parkour here, or put your skills to the test with ice hockey, basketball, soccer, floorball, baseball and golf. Activities popular for youths are also available, such as freestyle scootering with its very own skatepark. The foam pit allows you to practice jumping in a safe manner. Younger children have their own safe play area including a ball pit, activity and climbing facilities. Traffic rules can also be learned using pedal cars.

Sutu Tykkimaki Actionpark 102016 WEB.jpg
Interactive ball wall Sutu by Yalp Lappset (Photo: Tykkimaki Actionpark)


“If you get children interested in active pastimes when they are young, the inspiration will often last a lifetime. Many parents are concerned about their children’s attitude towards activity, which is why we wanted to offer them a year-round area for play and activity no matter what the weather. Tykkimaki Actionpark is an outstanding way of demonstrating the fun of activity and enjoying it together”, Pasanen adds.

Tykkimaki Actionpark Visualization Lappset Creative 2016.jpg
Visualisation of the park by Lappset Creative.

Lappset Creative, responsible for the designing and implementation of the park, made sure the project went as planned and was completed to schedule.

“The location of Tykkimaki Actionpark inside the Prisma hypermarket is ideal, as the market has extended opening hours and lots of parking space. In addition to offering a wide range of play and activity, the theme park also has restaurant services and new premises for organising private events, such as children’s birthdays. I strongly believe that this venue will be Kouvola’s healthiest, most active and coolest meeting place for children and youths”, says Concept Manager Asko Alanen from the Lappset Creative theme park unit.


Lappset Creative is Lappset’s unit responsible for theme park business. Lappset Creative designs and produces activity and theme parks around well-known brands and the client’s own brand themes. For instance, earlier this year, Lappset Creative together with Mattel Play, created an indoor playground in Liverpool incorporating the themes of Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Thomas&Friends, as well as the rural tourism outdoor adventure playground Willows Farm in the United Kingdom that is based on the classic tale of Peter the Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.

Tykkimäki Actionpark

  - Floor space: c. 2,000 square metres
  - Includes e.g. The upside down House of Surprises for younger children, including activity and climbing sections
  - A wide range of activity areas including e.g. scootering skatepark, pumptrack cycle track, foam pit, areas for a variety of ball        games, pedal car track, trampoline platform, parkour track, flip machine
  - Sutu interactive sports wall
  - Open daily 12 noon – 8 p.m. (closed on public holidays)
  - Location: Tommolankatu 9, Kouvola  |


More information, please contact;

Johan Granholm, Director, Lappset Creative, Tel. +358 40 532 4183, or
Asko Alanen, Concept Manager, Lappset Creative, Tel. +358 40 823 3033, or
Sakari Pasanen, Managing Director, Tykkimäen vapaa-ajankeskus Oy, Tel. +358 400 482 589,