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Lappset’s quality and environmental management systems were re-audited successfully


Lappset Group has had the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management systems already since the late 1990’s. The certificates related to these systems are subject to auditions by an independent third party on a regular basis. Re-auditing of the management systems was carried out in the Rovaniemi and Tallinn factories in June this year with excellent results.

The audition was done by Inspecta Group, an organization specialized in certifications, auditions, inspections, testing and technical consultation.

The auditions were carried out successfully. The certificates of Lappset’s ISO 9001 quality system and ISO 14001 environmental management system as well as the PEFC Chain of Custody of wooden raw material were issued and renewed for the coming three years.

Lean enhances quality

A couple of years ago Lappset Group started implementing lean philosophy in order to be able to serve its clients even better than before. The external audition report shows that implementation of lean methods in the company’s production facilities in Rovaniemi, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia, has resulted in significant improvements of performance, staff participation in development of their work, information flow and communications as well as meeting practices. All this has resulted in improved delivery accuracy, which is of utmost important to customers alongside with high quality products and user-oriented design.

A special thanks to the staff of the factories in Finland and Estonia was expressed in the audition report for their participation in and suggestions for development of working processes to the benefit of customers.

The audition report noted further that workplace safety is at a high level in the factories through cleanliness of the production facilities as well as high usage of safety gear. The handling process of claims has improved significantly. Internal audits and audits of the supply network are working extremely well.

Additional information:

- Timo Vanhapiha, Quality and Environmental Manager,
- Tuomo Vaarala, Quality Engineer,