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Lappset’s factory in Rovaniemi passed TüV-audition with ease

Rovaniemen tehdas by Esa Junttila.JPG Our factory in Rovaniemi passed the external and annual TüV audition with ease. The evaluation is a prerequisite for individual product safety certifications. Photo: Esa Junttila.

Safety certification of an individual product requires that the manufacturing unit be audited on an annual basis. Consequently, TüV completed the annual revision of Lappset’s Rovaniemi Factory on 8 October 2020. The factory passed the audition with ease.

Product safety is an essential part of Lappset’s sustainability. The product safety is secured by testing procedures developed by the German TüV testing facilities as well as with tests for strength after abrasion required by the safety standards. TüV requires, however, that also the manufacturing unit is audited annually.  The external audition was carried out successfully, and the factory passed the testing without anomalies. At the same time, an individual product – the Play Planetarium – was audited from the safety point of view and received its TüV safety certification. 

The entire production process is audited

The TüV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) audition of production facilities comprises of eight sub-sectors involving the entire production process from incoming goods, raw materials, components to outgoing products including storage and documentation.

In the audition, the technical aspects of the machinery and measurement instruments used including their calibration are subjects to the inspection. Workplace safety, instructions and training procedures of the staff as well as leadership are parts of the audition process.

In addition, quality management, claims handling, product changes management including documentation are being checked. Storage of raw materials, parts, components and manufactured products belong to the audition process.

The certificate verifies requirements

The individual product safety certificates by TüV are shown on our websites in conjunction of each product on the individual product data sheets. The certificate verifies that our products meet the safety requirements set by the European Safety Standards. 

Lappset’s Rovaniemi Factory was successfully audited by the TüV procedures in October, with the certificate as a verification. 

Antti Jokelainen, Manager, Design & Engineering;

”The certificate proves that the products meet the requirements of design, structure, durability, materials and safety. The annual audition of our factory in Rovaniemi on the other hand states that the production processes comply with the international code.”

External third parties have audited Lappset’s factory in Rovaniemi since the 1980’s. All our product ranges for play and sports are subject to the TüV safety testing procedures and possess adequate safety certificates. 

In addition to the TüV audition, external auditors inspect the factory regularly for e.g. concerning the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems. Regional authorities make also inspections to the factory premises about legislation-based requirements.

Additional information:

- Antti Jokelainen, Manager, Design & Engineering,