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Lappset’s Rovaniemi plant passes the external audit with flying colours

lappset factory winter.jpg The Rovaniemi factory and its operating environment clearly passed the external audit of Kiwa without deviations from the quality and environmental management systems and the PEFC wood chain management process.

The quality and environmental management systems and PEFC wood chain of custody management process of Lappset Group Oy were audited by Kiwa in early October 2019. The findings of the external audit report concerning the Rovaniemi plant and its operating environment were outstanding, with no discrepancies observed in relation to system requirements. Matters related to responsibility and the further development of such received particular praise in the audit report.

The Management System audit verified that security of supply had experienced positive improvements, which further strengthens customer trust. Focusing on novice and competitive sports, the incorporation of Lappset Sport in the theme park business unit as a new project business unit was regarded as providing distinct competence benefits for project unit clientele.

The Group Procurement audit highlighted responsibility. The audit report verified the enhancement of subcontractor reliability. Consideration for social responsibility and quality in the audit of the subcontracting chain, and the incorporation of social responsibility requirements in subcontracting agreements received special praise from the external auditor.

The Product Development audit verified that the surveying of risks and opportunities had been performed comprehensively. As with group procurement, product development activities also take matters of responsibility into account, such as carbon footprint, recycling and the product lifecycle of 10–15 years, clearly supporting principles of sustainable development.

The Rovaniemi Plant Production Process audit recognised the increased internal work cycle of employees, distinct improvements in internal communications and interaction, with daily and weekly production meetings in particular enhancing the exchange of information between teams. This was further refined using the in-plant information displays showing, for example, real-time workloads.

Measures conducted for the development of the production process further strengthened the already outstanding level of security of supply, which was also given special praise in the audit report.

On the basis of earlier inspection visits, renewal of the Environmental Permit for the Rovaniemi plant was not required, as the Environmental Protection Unit of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment verified that the current environmental permit will be valid for the coming years. However, the Kiwa audit report did recommend paying attention to environmental issues, both internally and when assessing subcontractors. According to the report, Lappset is to develop a far-reaching monitoring system for environmental issues.

Responsible acquisition of timber is in exemplary order. The audit report states that the PEFC Chain of Custody (certification of the origin of timber management) satisfies the requirements it was given and that bookkeeping related to timber acquisition has been handled in an outstanding manner. Furthermore, it was also verified that the requirements of social responsibility and related occupational health and safety had been met in the manner required by the system.

The ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management systems, and PEFC CoC management process can be found on our website. 

Further information available from:
Tuomo Vaarala
Quality and Sustainability Manager
Global Sourcing, tel. +358 40 571 3304