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Lappset’s Factory In Tallinn Audited Successfully

Lappset Tallinn Factory in Estonia WEB650pxl.jpg One of Lappset's three factories is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Metal components to playground and sport equipment as well as metal ranges are being manufactured there. The factory passed the external audition of the quality and environmental management systems with ease.

Lappset’s factory in Tallinn, Estonia, was audited successfully on 22 September 2017 by an independent third party regarding the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The factory passed the audition done by Kiwa Inspecta with excellent results.

The audition report states that the Tallinn factory has been doing excellent job in managing and following up the environmental issues. The factory is thanked for compliance with the Estonian environmental and work place safety norms as well as the audition results of the local authorities.

Quality control is at excellent level. Attention has been paid to quality control routines, which resulted in significantly reduced number of customer claims and complaints.

Work place safety is at an excellent level according to the report. The factory premises are clean, tidy and well-organized. Work safety of the staff is a top priority. The Tallinn factory applies lean philosophy during the past couple of years.

The report suggests that the Tallinn factory should prepare for the coming new requirements of the quality and environmental management systems.

Lappset’s quality and environmental systems are being audited on a regular basis by an independent third party, Kiwa Inspecta.

Additional information;
- Tuomo Vaarala,, Quality Engineer, M. Eng.