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Kimmo Lautanen appointed COO at Lappset Group Oy

Kimmo Lautanen_mu_valk.jpg Kimmo Lautanen has started as COO at the Lappset Group. His responsibilities involve finance and treasure as well as strategic development projects.

Lappset Group Oy are delighted to welcome Mr Kimmo Lautanen as Chief Operational Officer (COO) as of the 14th of August 2017 and as a new member of the management group of the company.

He will be responsible for the finances, treasury and strategic development projects and reports to the CEO.

Mr Lautanen has an extensive experience in financial and operational management through his long experience as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in several international businesses. Prior to his appointment at Lappset Group, he had worked for several multinational companies in Sweden, South Korea, Japan, France and Finland.

Kimmo Lautanen has also been member of the Board of Directors of the Lappset Group during last six years. He holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Helsinki Business School, today called the Aalto University Business School.

“Demand for Lappset’s play and sports solutions has risen significantly during the past year. Sales have increased not only in our domestic market in Finland, but also in the European countries and Asia, which is why the company will invest in new growth opportunities. With Kimmo Lautanen’s solid and profound experience from international business, Lappset will continue to sail in fair winds”, says Tero Ylinenpaa, CEO.

CFO Inkeri Vaarala will report to Kimmo Lautanen.

Additional information;
- Tero Ylinenpaa, CEO, or
- Kimmo Lautanen, COO,