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Jussi Virta, landscape architect at Aalto University, receives the Lappset scholarship

Lappset stipendi 2020 Erkki Ikäheimo Jussi Virta Emilia Wecström Aalto yliopisto 12 02 2020.jpg Landscape architect Jussi Virta (in the middle) received the Lappset scholarship for distinguished thesis at the Aalto University. University Lector Emilia Weckman on the right and Director of Nordic Business, Erkki Ikaheimo on the left.

In his master’s thesis, Jussi Virta examined how the renewal of playgrounds can better support children’s development. The scholarship was awarded on 12 February 2020 at the Landscape and Technology Expo Viherpäivät 2020 held in Jyväskylä.

The Risks must be taken thesis discusses the taking of risks in children’s play and is based on international research literature. The main thesis is the positive impacts of risk-sensitive play on the health and development of children.

In his thesis, Jussi Virta explores how playgrounds in Finland could be renewed to better meet the important challenges of child development.  He also considers how to increase the diversity of playgrounds so that users will better understand the benefits of positive risk-taking. 

In the thesis, Jussi Virta compiled his observations into a risk matrix, which is a practicable list of good playground features and an excellent tool for designing playgrounds.

According to the Landscape Architecture Scholarship Committee of Aalto University, the master’s thesis is ambitious, engaging and bold. 

“The author has taken on a demanding subject and has utilised wide-ranging international literature and case studies. The author has a strong and important message that is conveyed through diverse material and narrative. The master’s thesis is a valuable discussion opener”, states the Commission when justifying its selection.

The Lappset scholarship is an award for the best master’s thesis in landscape architecture. The scholarship is awarded annually to a distinguished graduate student attending Aalto University’s Landscape Architecture programme. The prize is EUR 2,000 and is donated by Lappset Group Oy. 

The scholarship was awarded by Director of Lappset Group's Nordic Business Division Erkki Ikäheimo.

Further information available from:
- Erkki Ikäheimo, tel. +358 40 535 9962,
- Landscape Architect Jussi Virta, tel. +358 40 740 4990,