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Jens Lindgren appointed Managing Director of Lappset Sweden AB starting from 1 September 2021

JensLindgren07-2.jpg We are delighted to announce that Jens Lindgren has been appointed Managing Director of our subsidiary in Sweden, Lappset Sweden AB, as of 1 September 2021.

Welcoming Sales Director Jens Lindgren as the Managing Director of Lappset Sweden AB. He will start in his new position on 1 September 2021. He will be shifting from his post as Sales Director of the Swedish subsidiary that he has held since the beginning of this year. Jens Lindgren has long-established experience in the demanding sales and service business development tasks in the parent company of the Lappset Group. Jens will be moving to Enköping in the autumn to be closer to customers and the outstanding team of the subsidiary.

“After already being introduced to the very competent team of the Swedish subsidiary, I am extremely eager to start working with them. The subsidiary employees demonstrate the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. Getting to meet the customers and being able to learn even more about their needs, desires and expectations is a very interesting prospect”, says Jens Lindgren. 

Established in 1993, Lappset Sweden AB is one of the oldest subsidiaries of the Lappset Group operating in Rovaniemi, and has a significant foothold in the Swedish playground, sports, park and street furniture markets. Swedish customers place great value in sustainable development and, in line with Lappset’s own values, Swedes highly appreciate ecological values. 

“The goal is to develop business to serve customers even better by providing inspiring and wide-ranging playgrounds and sports parks, and furnished outdoor spaces that support sustainable development and serve users of many different generations. Playfully, we could say that all the customer is left to do is inflate the balloons for the new park’s grand opening, everything else we can take care of. We are dedicated to doing our best to ensure that our customers from the southernmost tip of Sweden in Ystad to the northernmost fell highlands of Kiruna are more than satisfied”, Jens Lindgren pledges.

On behalf of customers who value environmental values, Jens Lindgren is overjoyed that the Nordic Swan Ecolabel approved the wood preservation method already used by Lappset company for decades as part of its sustainable development criteria. 

“This is exceptional news for our clients, as it further strengthens our status as a supplier of outdoor solutions that support sustainable development and ecological values. In addition, this news is supported by Lappset’s decision to extend the warranty for wooden components by five years, now providing a guarantee that increases from 10 years up to 15 years”, emphasises Lindgren.

Jens Lindgren has established and wide-ranging experience working for the parent company of Lappset Group Oy in a number of different sales and business development tasks. He started his career at Lappset in 2007 as a playground safety inspector working for the PlayCare service business unit, later moving on to sales tasks, including, for instance, regional sales manager for Southern Finland, before accepting the position of sales director for the Swedish subsidiary in November 2020. Throughout his career, he has particularly invested focus on developing the service business and has been responsible for the global development of lifecycle services.

Through to the beginning of September, Jens Lindgren will be working closely with the temporary country manager of Lappset Sweden AB Magnus Sjölund in order to ensure a fluent transition.

Background information about Lappset Sweden AB
• Lappset Sweden AB was founded in 1993. However, Lappset already started doing business in Sweden back in the 1970s when Nola AB operated as Lappset’s retailer.
• In 2000, Lappset AB purchased the furniture manufacturer Nifo AB in Enköping, following which commercial activity continued under the banner of Nifo-Lappset AB.
• 15 years ago, the company name was changed to Lappset Sweden AB.
• Lappset Sweden AB is based in Enköping, approximately a one-hour drive west of Stockholm. The subsidiary is the oldest of the Lappset Group.
• Lappset Sweden AB has 38 employees. 
• The Lappset Group has over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining playground equipment and street furniture. Long-lasting and safe product solutions support sustainable development and perfectly suit all types of surroundings, from urban cityscapes to rural landscapes.
• The turnover for the Lappset Group in 2020 was 57.1 million euros. The Groups employs approximately 400 experts in different fields of expertise in nine different countries.