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Former pro freeskier Pekka Hyysalo appointed brand ambassador for Lappset's new Sisu concept

Hyysalo Pekka 2020 10.jpg Former pro freeskier Pekka Hyysalo will be the brand ambassador for Lappset's new Sisu product range to be launched in January 2021. Pekka shares the same values as Lappset and will encourage people of all ages to be physically active throughout their lives. Photo: Janne Airaksinen/Lappset's archive.

Lappset Group Oy starts co-operation with the former freestyle athlete Pekka Hyysalo, known for his FightBack personal brand. He will be the ambassador for Lappset's new Sisu product line to be released in January 2021. Pekka inspires people to do outdoor sports through his own story, personality and positive attitude.

“There are many kinds of Sisus. One goes through the grey stone teeth in the grin. For another, every moment is a precious and enjoyable subject of joy despite the challenge or precisely because of the big challenge. Pekka Hyysalo is a role model for Finnish Sisu*, which he has succeeded in shaping into a happy and positive perspective,” explains Aarni Mertala, Concept Manager for Sports Products.

Shared values and worlds of thought

Lappset were looking for an influencer for the product series, whose message and world of thought would also support Lappset's values.

“The thought worlds of Pekka Hyysalo and the FightBack brand coincided perfectly. Lappset and FightBack work to promote the well-being of people of all ages. The importance of movement, Pekka's perseverance and positive thinking are values that we also want to highlight with the story of the Sisu product series,” Mertala emphasizes.

Pekka’s endorsement supports the Sisu product range

Pekka Hyysalo will be strongly involved in the marketing of the Sisu product line by producing various contents for Lappset's communication channels during the current and next year.

"I love sports and I have the opportunity to be extremely happy for this opportunity, which allows me to share the joy of movement with Lappset. Sisu is a fuel that works wonders, and that is why I stand proudly alongside the Sisu range!” says Pekka Hyysalo about the cooperation.

Outdoor fitness areas provide a safe training environment

The popularity of outdoor fitness areas is growing all the time both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. During the corona times, the safety distances become as natural as when exercising outdoors.

The Sisu product line, which will be launched in January 2021, will significantly complement Lappset's wide range of outdoor sports products. 

With Sisu products, fitness enthusiasts and athletes have access to adjustable weights for muscle fitness training, among other things. The product concept also includes racks for crossfit training.

“To achieve the goals, you have to choose the means, the way and the attitude by which the goals are achieved. Pekka's example shows that nothing is impossible. Think big, but commit to the moment. Be positive and enjoy the trip. I don't know a better recipe for exercise than that,” emphasizes Mertala, Master of Sports Science.


Watch the video and see what sisu means to Pekka Hyysalo.

*According to Wikipedia, the Finnish Sisu translates as “stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience, and hardiness and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character. It is generally considered not to have a literal equivalent in English.”

More information:
- Aarni Mertala, Sports Products Concept Manager, tel. +358 400 328 481,
- Sari Kanti-Paul, tel. +358 50 538 6243,