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Ebeneser Foundation Recognition Award awarded to Lappset for work done towards early education

Erkki Ikäheimo ja Nasima Razmyar Ebeneser_säätiön tunnustus ja lahjoitus Hki kpk 22 11 2018.jpg The Ebeneser Foundation Recognition Award awarded to Lappset for work done towards early education. Mr Erkki Ikaheimo (left) received the award and handed Lappset's donation to Nasima Razmyar, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Recreation at the City of Helsinki. The ceremony was held on the 22nd of November 2018 in Helsinki. Photo: Fredrika Visuri/Ebeneser Foundation.

Every other year, the Ebeneser Foundation awards its Recognition Award for work done for the benefit of children. In 2018, the Board of Directors for the Ebeneser Foundation decided to award the Recognition Award to the Rovaniemi-based Lappset Group Oy for outstanding work in the development of early educational activity environments.

The award can be awarded to a private individual or organisation that has significantly improved children’s interests and wellbeing. The selection of prize recipient was supported by the company being from Finland and due to the quality and diversification of its products. Selection was also influenced by the actions of the company being ethical and environmentally friendly as well as established successful achievements in product development. The products made by Lappset Group Oy are important organic parts of construction in the grounds of kindergartens.

In his thank-you speech at the prize-giving ceremony in Helsinki on 22 November 2018, Director of the Nordic Business Division Erkki Ikaheimo emphasised the most important feature of playground equipment being play value, which is also one of the cornerstones for the design of equipment. He also highlighted the significance of play in child development.

“We understand the multifaceted importance of play in a child’s development. Play is the foundation for us to learn life skills. Play is a team game and constant problem solving. Children's play is surprisingly universal. All over the world, children play in the same way”, Ikaheimo tells.

According to research, the foundations for an active way of life are created in the play of early childhood, through motor development. 

“In play, exercise is always included. Play enhances a child’s motor skills imperceptibly. Interactive and social skills are essential elements of play. We need these skills in everyday life at home, at work, and during leisure time”, Erkki Ikaheimo adds.

Product design conducted in cooperation with a variety of experts

In designing products, Lappset works together with the most important sports organisations and associations representing different sports. 

In addition to technical testing, Lappset’s products are always tested by experts. In particular, feedback and comments are sought from children. The company manufactures high-quality, durable products with a long lifecycle that consider the needs of users from different age groups. The equipment collections also include interactive equipment, thanks to which the company is a forerunner in playground and sports solutions in the digital age. Paying it forward for early education in the City of Helsinki

As Lappset Group Oy is a profit-making company, the Board of Directors for the Ebeneser Foundation decided for the monetary prize of 3,000 euros belonging to the Recognition Award to be allocated for the benefit of another cause. In this way, the recognition for outstanding work for early education is assigned to Lappset Group Oy, and at its own discretion, Lappset can decide the actual recipient of the prize money and allocate the funds to the cause chosen. 

“We decided to donate Froggy Carousels to the same value to the City of Helsinki to place in kindergartens and parks to ensure happiness, play and exercise for young children”, Erkki Ikäheimo announced.

Nasima Razmyar, Deputy Mayor for Culture and Recreation at the City of Helsinki received the donation.

The Ebeneser Foundation represents the history of early childhood education and kindergarten teacher education in Finland. Hanna Rothman started the first folk kindergarten in the Nordic countries in 1888, and, together with Elisabeth Alander, organised kindergarten teacher education at the Sornainen folk kindergarten in 1892. The purpose of the Ebeneser Foundation is to support early childhood education and parenting, and to nurture the heritage of kindergarten work in cultural history. To fulfil its purpose, the foundation supports and promotes research and education in early childhood education, and takes part in general educational activity, as well as maintaining the Kindergarten Museum and archive.

Lappset Group Oy is a family-run business that was founded in Rovaniemi in 1970. In Finland, Lappset employs around 200 professionals from various sectors. The Key Flag Symbol has been awarded to a number of products manufactured by the company, which is recognition of being ‘Made in Finland’. The company's core themes in respect to the perspective of responsibility are good governance, human rights, working practices, environmental issues, fair play practices, consumer issues, participation in social activities, and community development. Lappset Group Oy creates play and exercise experiences for people of all ages.

Further information: 
- Fredrika Visuri, Amanuensis, Ebeneser Foundation, tel. +358 10 229 0890 / +358 50 3077 399,
- Erkki Ikaheimo, Director, Nordic Business Division, tel. +358 40 535 9962, #lappset @LappsetGroup