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Licence limitations

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Right to changes

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Rights and responsibilities of Lappset

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Submitting information

When sending or offering information or material to Lappset (e.g. feedback, information, responses to surveys, suggestions, ideas, orders, requests or similar information) either by email or through this website, you agree to adhere to the following conditions (i) the material you submit is not illegal or otherwise unfit for publication; (ii) you take sufficient action to remove any viruses or other contaminating or harmful features from the material you plan to submit to the site before submitting it; (iii) the material belongs to you or you have an unlimited right to submit it to Lappset, and Lappset has the right to publish the submitted material free or charge and/or include the material or part of it in their own product without liability or payment obligation and without citing the source and (iv) you will not make any demands from Lappset in relation to the submitted material and you agree to compensate Lappset for any costs that may arise due to actions taken by a third party because of the material you submitted. Updated: 12 September 2016