Our warranty terms are crafted to guarantee your peace of mind regarding our products. Our terms include all the products and components manufactured by Lappset, as outlined below. The warranty begins on the day your product departs from our factory. To ensure coverage, follow our guidelines for foundation, installation, and maintenance. Don't forget to provide the paperwork and a logbook for the handover inspection.

Product Warranty: Play, Sports, Park and Equipment

These warranty terms cover the products and components manufactured by Lappset, as specified below.

Play, Sport & Park Equipment

These warranty terms cover the products and components manufactured by Lappset, as specified below.

Interactive Equipment

These warranty terms cover the products and components manufactured by Lappset Interactive, as specified following the link below.

Read the Lappset Interactive Warranty here

20 years* Limited warranty

Structural integrity of:

Steel components

Elements made of high pressure laminate (HPL)

Hot oil treated parts

15 years* Limited warranty

Preserved wooden parts with no ground contact

Preserved wooden parts with ground contact (in Europe)

Aluminum components

Fiber-reinforced plastic components

10 years* Limited warranty

Concrete parts

Surface finish of steel and aluminum components

Climbing grips

Hot-dip galvanized surface treatment

5 years* Limited warranty

Preserved wooden parts with ground contact (outside Europe)

Wooden parts without pressure preservation (Play and Sport)

Steel reinforced nets and ropes

Springs and spring nets

Plastic and fiberglass parts

3 years* Limited warranty

Rubber and rubber-coated parts, polyurethane parts

Moving parts, malfunctions

Wooden bodies of spring mobiles

Steel cables, chains

Surface finish of other than steel and aluminum components

Painted or surfaced plywood boards

Wooden parts without pressure preservation (Park)

2 years* Limited warranty

Softex, durability of the material in Europe

1 year* Limited warranty

Ropes without steel reinforcement

Textile elements and stickers

Plaster-coated parts

Other electronic components

Warranty coverage

The warranty takes care of free delivery of the warranty-covered parts to the nearest Lappset retailer's storage related to the issue or closest to you. Defective parts are always replaced using Lappset components. If any parts get damaged and we need them to be returned, you would be responsible for covering the shipping costs. (Or we can work out the details case by case.) The warranty for any swapped-out product or part stays valid until the original warranty period ends.

*Limited warranty excludes:

Defects or damage caused by improper storage, installation errors, vandalism, or natural disasters (storms, floods, fires, earthquakes,-or the like).

Normal use wear, and tear -or damage of the products caused by improper use of the products.

Surface corrosion metal parts.

Natural behavior of wood like cracks, bends, or tears.

Fading of colors or other cosmetic faults, defects, or wearing of the surface.

Defects resulting from negligence of installation and not following the maintenance instructions or defects resulting from inappropriate maintenance.

Any modifications, repairs or transfer of the location made in the product or parts thereof by other parties than Lappset Group, (with the exception of products that are specifically designed to be portable and have been transported/moved in accordance with Lappset's instructions).

Improper unloading of the product.

Manufacturer shall deliver the repaired or replacement part or parts to the site free of charge but will not be responsible for providing labor or the cost of labor for the removal, disposal or installation of the defective part or parts. Replacement parts are guaranteed according to the original warranty.

Lappset Group's responsibility for faulty products or parts thereof is limited to what is stated in these terms of warranty. Lappset Group shall not be responsible for any indirect costs, losses, or damages.

These warranty terms apply to all orders delivered after 15.01.2024.

For warranty issues, please get in touch with your contact or salesperson.

Inspection, acceptance of products

1. If you notice any shortages, shipment errors, or obvious defects in our products, please report them in writing within fourteen (14) business days of detecting such a fault. If you miss the deadline, we won't be obliged to correct the issue unless you cover all associated expenses.

2. If there are any issues after improper handling, storage, or if the products have been installed, we aren't obliged to replace them. To make sure these things won’t happen, please follow our Terms.

3. If there's an issue with our products, we can either (i) agree on reasonable damages or (ii) discuss a solution to repair the faults and defects. In such cases, you can't claim additional damages. We’ll find a practical solution.

Transport damage and product inspection

In case of damage or loss during transport, the Incoterms 2020 delivery term applies to EU and export trade, while Finnterms terms apply to goods delivered in Finland. Before accepting the delivery, the recipient should double-check it against the packing list or dispatch note. If there's any visible damage to the packaging, make a note on the waybill. If there's damage to the product that wasn't apparent on receipt, ask the forwarder's representative to inspect it within seven (7) days. Remember, the warranty is no longer valid if this timeframe isn't followed.

Please note that the Lappset warranty doesn't cover faults or damages resulting from improper storage, installation, unauthorized use, misuse, environmental conditions, or issues caused by a product that Lappset is not responsible for.

Proximity to the seashore

Products installed in direct contact with chlorinated water or saltwater, or within 500 m from the shore, won't be under the Lappset warranty for defects caused by corrosion. The warranty for the structural strength of steel and aluminum components, placed within 500 m from the seashore, is half of the standard warranty time.

This condition also applies to transportable products, regardless of their time spent near the seashore.

Third Party Products

Products and their components from third-party suppliers, along with electronic products and their components, aren't included in Lappset's warranty terms. We have separate warranty terms specifically tailored for those products.

Products before and after maintenance painting

Pictures of maintenance painting