Vertical Maze playground equipment in a schoolyard in France

Creating a stand-out playground in limited space

The School of Parmentier in Paris was looking to create a unique, stand-out playground in their limited space. The design team at Lappset came up with the creative solution; the Vertical Maze “Tunturi,” a new modular wooden structure that fits perfectly into smaller spaces.

Paris, France
Lappset France

The Vertical Maze from Lappset

The customer was thrilled with the outcome, leaving them with plenty of free space in their schoolyard area and enough room for the entire class to play during recess. This brilliant solution also made it easy for adults to supervise the children and ensure their safety.

The Vertical Maze “Tunturi” offers customization options, enabling customers to tailor it to their desired size and play functions. It is simple and straightforward to modify, allowing customers great flexibility in creating an unforgettable playground experience even within tight space constraints. The sturdy wood construction of this product has been constructed using PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests, meaning that not only is it safe but also eco-friendly.

Some of its exciting features include multiple levels of open and sheltered platforms, climbing walls, rope bridges, and slides sure to bring joy and entertainment to any child or adult who encounters this amazing structure.

This creative solution has proven that playgrounds don't have to come at the expense of space - with a little bit of imagination, you can turn any limited area into an exciting adventure!

Space-saving Vertical Maze in Paris France

Vertical Maze

Vertical Maze

Vertical Maze playground is located on a schoolyard in Paris

Vertical Maze playground is located on a schoolyard in Paris

Children playing in the Vertical Maze
Inside the Vertical Maze, play equipment
Detail of Vertical Maze
Girl climbing in the Vertical Maze playground equipment
The entire class has room to play during recess in this playground
Girl playing in the tunnel
Details of the Vertical Maze
Details of the Vertical Maze
Children playing inside the Vertical Maze
PEFC-certified wood comes from sustainably managed forests

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