Man playing with his children on the Sutu Interactive ball wall

Tykkimäki Action Park

Tykkimäki Actionpark is the ultimate indoor activity park that opened in the Prisma hypermarket of Kouvola on October 22nd, 2016! The park offers many exciting and adventurous activities perfect for the whole family who want an experience of non-stop action and movement while having a blast playing.

Kouvola, Finland
Lappset Group Oy

Indoor action at Tykkimäki Action Park 

The indoor park offers a safe playing area with numerous different activities to try out. You can challenge friends to a competition or challenge yourself by testing your accuracy and speed using the speed radar in the Sutu Interactive ball wall. “The action park allows the younger generation and adults to experience activity in a fun and inspiring ways. Spending quality time together with friends and family is what is important. This is a place to spend time with children and youths. A place that gives joy in the form of activity,” says the CEO of Tykkimäen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy Sakari Pasanen.

Encouraging Physical Activity in Children

“If you get children interested in active pastimes at a young age, the inspiration will often last a lifetime. Many parents are concerned about their children’s attitudes toward being active. This is why we wanted to offer them a year-round area for play and activity, no matter the weather. Tykkimäki Actionpark is a unique way of demonstrating the fun of activity and enjoying it together,” - Sakari Pasanen, CEO of Tykkimäen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy

  • Sakari Pasanen, CEO of Tykkimäen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy

    Tykkimäki Actionpark is an outstanding way of demonstrating the fun of activity and enjoying it together.

    - Sakari Pasanen, CEO of Tykkimäen Vapaa-aikakeskus Oy

  • The location of Tykkimäki Actionpark is ideal. The park is inside the Prisma hypermarket, and the market has extended opening hours and lots of parking spaces. In addition to offering a wide range of playing and activities, the theme park also has restaurant services and new premises for organizing private events, such as children’s birthday parties. I strongly believe that this venue will be Kouvola’s healthiest, most active, and coolest meeting place for the younger generation.

    - Asko Alanen, Concept Manager from the Lappset Creative theme park unit.

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