Cloxx at the Rainbow primary school, installed by Yalp Netherlands, NL

Challenging and playful square for the Rainbow primary school in Vriezenveen

Rainbow primary school in Vriezenveen has recently undergone a transformation, turning its old schoolyard into a vibrant and playful square. The square provides children and young adults with a range of exciting activities to enjoy, including football, swinging, tumbling and freerunning on the parkour set-up. With enough challenges to cater to all classes, Rainbow primary school's new square is sure to be a hit with its students.

Vriezenveen, the Netherlands
Yalp the Netherlands
1 min

Students think along

The design of the new schoolyard was a collaborative effort between the pupils and school officials. Students from all classes were given the opportunity to voice their opinions on what playground equipment they would like to see on the new square. Through this process, swings, a football field, a green strip, a climbing wall and an obstacle course were among the most frequently mentioned items. The design team took these wishes into account and incorporated almost all of them into the final layout. The result is a successful project for the school and an exciting new square for its pupils!

New square with reuse of old elements

The new schoolyard design was mindful of the environment and included several pieces of equipment repurposed from the old square. For example, the table tennis table was incorporated into the new design, and the stones that had to be removed for the artificial grass were given a new function in the amphitheatre. By reusing existing elements in the design process, our team was able to create a sustainable and valuable solution from the start.

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