Discover an exciting play and learning area at the Helmond library

The Memo, also known as Memory Movement, is an innovative approach to learning that captivates and delights. Located near the library in Helmond, this educational playground equipment is perfectly situated in a field ideal for exploration and discovery. With vibrant colours, interactive features, and well-designed spaces, it creates an immersive environment for children to gather, play, learn, and make lasting memories. This dynamic public space fosters curiosity, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning through imaginative play, puzzles, and social interactions.

Helmond, The Netherlands
Lappset Yalp The Netherlands
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Playful learning at the library

Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars offer a delightful blend of fun, active movement, and educational experiences. By installing these interactive devices, we have created a literary playground where reading, writing, and language games take centre stage. With a wide range of customizable games, children are always engaged and entertained. The impressive numbers speak for themselves, as the playing hours far exceed the average at Memo. It's truly fantastic!

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Even more play experience

The Memo in Helmond is truly exceptional, with a completely customized and themed surface that sets it apart. The play floor, adorned with light green artificial grass, is adorned with books, pens, and pencils, enhancing the visual appeal and offering an enriched play experience for the children.

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