Overview over Fjärdhundra aktivitetscenter. Photo: Håkan Pettersson

In Fjärdhundra, about 2 miles outside Enköping, there is an activity area and meeting place for the adventurous or for those who want to meet and socialize. Here old and young can play boules, do strength training, run an obstacle course, and pedal around in a cycle track or pump track. The area is an optimal meeting place for everyone, regardless of age or condition.


Playing boules, climbing, and crawling the obstacle course

Get your playful side out by playing boules, climbing, and crawling the obstacle course. Or, if you prefer, work out in the gym or ride around a specially designed bike park. There are plenty of choices for fun activities! Located 2 miles north of Enköping in Fjärdhundra, a large area dedicated to movement, play, and community has been constructed. The project stands out because of its strong vision of creating an environment that promotes physical activity and attracts people of all ages. It aims to create an appealing village to live in.

Technical tracks and outdoor gym

The initiators, Susanne and Håkan Pettersson, lacked good technical tracks for mountain biking and outdoor gyms in the neighboring area. They learned that they could apply for grants for rural development through the EU agricultural fund, and this was the start of a project that involved and engaged many people. -"Our hope with the project was to increase the opportunity for people in the community to be active in their free time and to create an environment that encourages movement. Through this, we also create a village that is even more attractive to live in", says Susanne Pettersson.

Overview over Fjärdhundra aktivitetscenters area. Photo: Håkan Pettersson

Overview over Fjärdhundra aktivitetscenters area. Photo: Håkan Pettersson

5000 volunteer labor hours

Susanne and Håkan presented their idea to Martin Lindbom, Fjärdhundra sports club (FSK) chairman, Sven-Erik Karlsson, vice chairman of Fjärdhundra PRO, Marcus Glad and Lina Eveby, and quickly received a positive response. The Fjärdhundra activity center association was created, and the Sparbanken in Enköping acted as a bank during the project period as a way of strengthening local development. The project started in October 2019 and was completed in September 2021. About 100 people have put in around 5000 hours of voluntary work on the project. The activity area includes four petanque courts, a large obstacle course, an outdoor gym from Lappset Sweden AB, and a bike track for mtb that has been built with fill, stone, gravel, and countless hours of work together with Niklas Skogh, who designed the track.

Conditions for active employment

The goal of the project was to build a facility to strengthen the community in the village (both during and after the construction period) and create conditions for active employment for young and old. To create variety and more space for movement, play and the opportunity for an active life. That in Fjärdhundra, there would be a facility open to the public that would serve as a meeting place for all age groups for many years to come.

View over fitness track L

View over fitness track L

  • View over surroundings at Fjärdhundra Aktivitetscenter

    "Many have been involved in the project, and of these, we would like to say an extra big thank you to -Mellersta gård, Salatullens Entreprenad AB, Josefssons Maskinuthyrning, Lappset Sweden AB, XL-bygg, AB Karl Hedin, Thomas Betong AB, Mellersta El och Ventilation AB, Holmers Transport AB, Arne and Ulrik Nordfors, Markus Eriksson Eklunda gård, R & Sakna Stängsel o Svets AB, AB Nordmans Entreprenad Måtteby, Lars Kjellberg, LB Ohlsson AB, Sven-Erik Norberg, ABAS Protect AB, Infra GeoTech, Fj100 Marktjänst, Lundvalls Skog och Trädvård AB, Nyckelhus AB and Glassbolaget", concludes Fjärdhundra activity center association.