Chill out on outdoor furniture

Modern and fun Chillout outdoor furniture

Chillout is a furniture collection for casual meetings and hanging out in school yards, public squares, or parks.

Chill out and charge

New Chillout outdoor furniture makes it easy to create relaxed and fun places to spend time and hang out in public parks, school yards, and marketplaces. As an accessory to Chillout, there are USB sockets with connection for two USB devices for charging, for example, mobile or tablet.

Chillout outdoor furniture

Chillout outdoor furniture

Combine as you like

Chillout's product line consists of three different modules - a pallet, a sofa, and a stand, which can be placed in various combinations either alone or next to each other.

  • All Chillout products have the same dimensions: 48,4 inches x 1,23 inches.
  • The USB socket is approved for outdoor environments and is only available for Chillout Stands and Chillout Sofas.
  • The socket is located on the sitting side of the Chillout.

Designed to last

Materials selected for Chillouts are highly durable.

  • Metal parts are made of ED-lacquered and powder-coated steel.
  •  Wooden parts are pressure-treated pine wood, making them dimensionally very stable.
  • Armrests can be placed on Chillout furniture if needed.

Chillout outdoor furniture

Chillout outdoor furniture