Two children playing under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group

Lappset Luna Interactive dance and play spot

Introducing the Lappset Luna Interactive dance and play spot - an inclusive playset that adds magic to any indoor space. Luna is an interactive playce that magically responds to the players in it. It detects players' movement and reacts with sound and music. Children are encouraged to dance, play, and work together in various games. Every time you enter the field, you will be surprised with new games and challenges to discover together.  

Whether it's indoor play centers, shopping malls, leisure centers, restaurants, hotels, schools, or any indoor place, Lappset Luna can transform it into a fun dance and play spot. The Luna is designed by the same Dutch designers as Sona, Sutu and Memo. The Lappset Luna seamlessly blends into any environment and offers a range of exciting games to discover. Step under the Luna and prepare to be amazed. 

The Ultimate Indoor Playground Innovation

The Luna uses smart sensor technology to create accessible interactive experiences, engaging audiences of all ages. Whether you're looking to perfect your dance moves or dive into engaging math challenges, this innovation opens up new ways to play together. With its efficient use of space and advanced sensor technology, the Luna does not use screens or projectors, so you can use it in any space, dark or light. 

If you're looking to bring play and magic to your place, the Luna is the ideal solution. The Luna engages your body and mind to stimulate development in various ways.

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Endless Fun for All Ages!

The Luna is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for players to jump right into the game. Once you step into the field, the Luna detects your presence and automatically selects a game for you to play, getting everyone involved and active.

Luna is ideal for group play, supporting ten or more players simultaneously. Unlike projector-based systems, Luna uses sound to create an immersive and interactive gaming experience and encourages social interaction. Luna offers endless fun and excitement for all skill levels and abilities. 

  • Enjoy great fun in any indoor space without being limited to darker, cramped corners.
  • Requires minimal space, just 3,8 meters in diameter
  • Easy access: Everyone can join the play without any physical barriers to enter
  • Suitable for all ages, ensuring family fun
  • Perfect for group games, accommodating up to 10 players simultaneously
  • Encourages social interaction, with no screens or projectors
  • Provides the safest indoor play solution, with no climbing objects, falling hazards, or sharp edges.
  • Offers dynamic content
  • 100% Dutch design – invented, constructed, and assembled in the Netherlands

A playset that creates interaction

The Luna is the younger sibling of Lappset Sona, serving as an interactive box that houses advanced sensor technology and is accompanied by a Luna Play Floor. These sensors and the Play Floor are fundamental to understanding the Luna as they form the basis of the game experience! Picture yourself strolling through a shopping mall and encountering a design on the floor with a prominent star at its center. As you approach the star, a voice calls out, inviting you to partake in a game. This marks the commencement of your interactive journey with the Luna!

The Luna utilizes sensor technology from above to detect players. Simply step into the play area, and the Luna automatically starts a game. Providing a magical play experience.

Family fun under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group

Family fun under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group

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Multiple games are available and divided into five different categories

Brains Practice with colours, numbers, shapes & audio. Train your memory, solve problems, and stimulate your mind.

Fitness Move, exercise, and improve your motor skills, stamina, and physical condition.

Imagination Be creative, involve your imagination, and role-play. Unstructured play, with no rules, goals, or results.

Music Enjoy & dance to music. Learn rhythm, dance together, and experience new music styles.

Reaction Practice your reflexes. Focus, multi-task, and increase your physical & mental reaction speed and time.

Two older adults dancing under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group
Family fun under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group
Children playing on the Luna dance floor | Lappset Group
Two older adults dancing under the Lappset Luna | Lappset Group
Everyone can play together with Lappset Luna

Developed for indoor fun

  • Centrepiece of your play area: Luna can turn any area into a magical environment in all lighting situations. The play area stays clear for maintenance or flexible use of your space.
  • Inclusive play: Luna has no thresholds – everyone can simply step in and join the game.
  • High play density: Luna provides endless fun for big groups of players in just a few square meters.
  • Advanced sensor technology: Can be installed in any indoor location

Description of the picture

1. Several standardized mounting options for any  indoor solution​ are available

2. Electronics are safely tucked inside the round-shaped enclosure, which reflects the floor shape and is made of 100% recycled materials.

3. Light spots and activity sensor above the play floor.

4. Open play space.

5. Play floor for Lappset Luna, durable and easy to access.

6. No button! Magically activate a game by stepping on the Luna floor.

An elderly couple is enjoying a dance together beneath the Lappset Luna.

An elderly couple is enjoying a dance together beneath the Lappset Luna.

Ideal locations for the Luna Interactive dance and play spot

  • Commercial Centers and Malls
  • Sport complexes
  • Indoor play parks
  • Libraries
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Family Restaurants
  • Community Centers
  • Museums
  • And more, turning any indoor place into a magical play area

Customize your playground

A themed playground brings stories to life, providing a space for children to nurture their imagination and creativity. Our dedicated and expert design team will work closely with you to unlock the full potential of your vision. Together, we will create a playground that is not just a source of joy and inspiration but also a place that educates and sparks imagination. Join us in creating enchanting playces that captivate and inspire both children and adults alike.

AR: Visualize Your Playground!  

Stop imagining and start experiencing! Our interactive AR app lets you see how our products will fit into any environment. This feature provides an interactive experience where you can use your phone to place 3D computer-generated renderings of our interactive devices in the real world!

From Vision to Reality: Contact Us for Your Dream Playground

Contact us today, and in collaboration, let's transform your play space. At Lappset, we don't just build playgrounds; we craft play environments that ignite creativity, foster inclusivity, celebrate nature, and create enduring memories. Your vision for a lively and captivating play area starts here.

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