The user using My Yalp to manage an interactive playset

My Yalp

My Yalp is an online tool/platform to manage your interactive playset, find and download game content, and see how well your product performs.

Our designers invest a lot of time in the usability of My Yalp. Our starting point: keep it simple. If someone can control a smartphone, they can also control and manage an interactive playset.

Owners can browse the My Yalp Store and choose any game to install to their interactive playset

Owners can browse the My Yalp Store and choose any game to install to their interactive playset

Choose any game 

Browse the game catalog in My Yalp. With over a hundred games to choose from, you can always find something new to play. Install existing games for free and get in on the fun.'

Or turn on the game rotator and let us do all the work. Popular games will be added automatically to your Interactive playset.

If you're interested in a truly unique experience for your playground, you could consider crafting your own custom game. 

Read more about custom games

Manage your interactive playset

My Yalp has a new way to manage your storage. Simply install any game in our existing game library. It’s easy to use! My Yalp is connected to the Yalp+ app and allows players to choose the game they would like to play on the Lappset Interactive playset.

Lappset Interactive products have a lot of storage space but are not unlimited. With My Yalp, you can uninstall games and clear up space for new ones. Yes, one press of the button is all you need to uninstall and install games in no time.

Owners can change the settings of their interactive playsets from their phones

Remote control

From the comfort of your home to the playground. Change the settings of your interactive playground equipment to match your player’s needs and wishes. You can pre-set your product’s time and volume settings for the entire week. If you want your product to be on at 5 am and shut down at 10 pm, you can easily adjust this in My Yalp. The same goes for the volume settings; you can automatically pre-set your volume to decrease at busy or quiet times.


Because the interactive playsets are internet-connected, they can process and measure user data. You can check your play statistics, which game is the most popular, and compare your play hours with other interactive playsets worldwide!

The top five games You can view your product’s five most popular games, including the average number of play hours.

Daily play hours Do you want to know how well your product performs during the holiday season? With this handy tool, you can check out which week, month, year, or set period, has the most play hours, and compare it to other dates.

Assign multiple users

Share the responsibility. All of the Lappset Interactive playground equipment comes with a Standard Service Pack. This includes a My Yalp account. You will receive login information from us, so you can start managing your product. Would you like your colleagues to be able to log in as well? You can add additional users to manage your product together!

Our Lappset Interactive service team is always happy to help!

Our Lappset Interactive service team is always happy to help!

Online service

If you have a question or problem with your interactive playset, quickly use the help desk tickets via My Yalp. Our in-house service team will then take care of the matter and provide you with online service and assistance.

Most of the time, our interactive playsets detect technical problems themselves and automatically send us tickets to solve the matter remotely. For example, if a playset is offline for a few days and doesn’t receive updates, our service team will receive a ticket that addresses the error.

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